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  • j_mingles j_mingles Jul 31, 2013 3:02 PM Flag

    Should I Hang on?

    Been lurking here for months but never posted. Now I am in a bit of a jam. No, a hell of a jam. I listened to someone named Adam Feuerstein about MNKD. The man has a reputation and had a very pursuavive arguement to short MNKD. So I did. I hate to even say at what price. If MNKD doesn't drop and drop soon I am going to be in trouble. I thought there was hope even last week when it was dropping somewhat but today doesn't look good.

    Adam Feuerstein was very pursuasive about shorting this stock. He even called those long on it, well he called them names. Now I am feeling like the fool for listening to him. Could he still be right? Maybe I should just hang on and go all or nothing and if this stock goes much higher it will really be nothing for me. How can this Feurestein be so wrong? I will never believe a thing I read in The Street again. It wasn't just that he was wrong, anyone can be wrong about a stock. It was the way he presented it making it seem like only idiots would go long on MNKD.

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    • Adam has gone +ve today on MNKD, plus as per him 10 out of 12 health cae investors are +ve on the stock, the other 2 undecided. So what do you plan to do now j_mingles ?

    • I would cover but there is a chance this thing could go down to $2. FDA approval is hard to get. This is the third attempt at this product getting approval and the second attempt with this specific inhailer. I am long but mostly through calls that have earned me15x my original investment. I think this is a great product that I hope succeeds for the people who have diabetties amd for my personal investment.

      Good luck to you

    • I was long with Arna when it was below $2. Adam Furestein mounted his crusade against it time and time again that would never be approved. He tanked the stock many times by his -ve articles, but ultimately he proved to be 100% wrong.One thing I can tell you, you would be far using your own brains that relying on Adam's

    • Mr. Jingles (I'm going to call you mr. jingles because 1. It rhymes with your last name 2. It sounds funny as hell 3. Mr. Jingles was the name of the mouse in that movie the green mile and I loved that mouse flick 4. I also loved the mouse he was cool. To get back to the point Mr. Jingles, if I were you I would get out ASAP because this thing has the potential to go much higher than it is now. The other thing is, literally every analyst out there had price targets between 3 and 10 dollars for this stock. In other words, everyone knew it was going up. Especially when approaching phase 3 trials, pharma stocks tend to rise as phase trials approach in anticipation. I don't know why you would short it even if you received advise to do so. And besides all that, why would you short a stock that is already well below $10? Unless the company is on the brink of bankruptcy and the shares are plummeting, wouldn't short a stock that isn't far from zero.

      In order to give you constructive advice I'll tell you what I would do if I were in your shoes. I would put a stop loss order. Now if it starts to pull back a bit, you can recover and I would do so soon. If it continues to rise, the stop loss will prevent damage control. At this point you need to focus on damage control. In other words you're already in trouble, don't exacerbate the problem. I speak from experience. Hope this helps.

    • Besides all of the expectations about trial results, FDA, partners, etc., two things have me intrigued. One, hiring of staff that can build the workforce and equip and run manufacturing and warehousing. Unless management felt really, really good there would be no reason to expend resources to plan long term. Second, the position CalPERS has taken in the stock. Apart from some bad calls like we all have from time to time, the managers at CalPERS generally do a fine job.

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    • Mr Mingles, whatever you do won't effect me at all, so I offer this to you only to help you. Get out ASAP because this stock is very likely to get to the 20-30 range by end of 2014. Nothing is for certain, but that's my best judgement and I've been following MNKD for almost 9 years now. I've slowly accumulated my position and have never sold one share. So I've put my money where my mouth is. Good luck to you!

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    • i think you should cover so that all the morons here who have been calling for the massive short squeeze every day can feel like they were actually right once.

    • I follow Adam Feurstein just so I would do opposite of whatever he says. I made some amount of money so far and and its still going good. When he said go short on MNKD, I went All IN with MNKD and bought 2014 Call options. I love this Adam guy. He is 90% of the time wrong and it realky works for me.
      you are still not late my friend. you still have time for August news and Oct-Nov FDA application.
      Its time to get that money back.
      in the mena time I suggest you to follow Adam and do the opposite of what he says. You wouldnt go wrong.
      Good Luck to you.

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    • I gave you a thumbs up because i'm pretty sure your being facetious, funny stuff.

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