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  • schooling_one schooling_one Aug 3, 2013 7:41 AM Flag

    If T1 fails and T2 superior.....

    1. If T1 fails by a small amount say .1% or .2% are the FDA hands tied to not approve Afrezza?

    2. If T1 fails and T2 results are outstanding can Mnkd quickly refile for T2 use only?

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    • hey Paddler, by the way.......right now i feel like Forest Gump when he stops running and goes home. you know that feeling? i'm there, i did it , and now i can move on. at 53 yrs old.....i cashed out my 401k before the bubble pop 2007....i played a "nut shell game" with my money (yes the tax hit was 45%) and now i have paid for cars, a house i can retire in (got rid of the 2nd house) moved into current. and a good position in MNKD that are free shares.....i took profit and my investment out. this positon in mnkd will hopefully finish paying my house off in the future. good luck.JMHO

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    • schooling, first these trials are all about the gen 2 inhalor/ as well or better than the technosphere. that's it for approval and now we talk about LABEL. what diabetics and at what level they are at, can use the dreamboat ?and at what times of the day......JMHO

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