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  • boomerp73 boomerp73 Aug 3, 2013 2:47 PM Flag

    I just don't understand

    I don't get why people are bailing out now. I always thought of this as a spec stock, from the very beginning. I wouldn't get out when my money has doubled, trippled, quadrupled... Sure this stock is either going to $50 or to $0, but I am willing to take that risk, BECAUSE I am well diversified(at least I think so) MNKD represents about 4% of my portfolio. Why bail completely now? I also wonder why some people would be so bold/crazy to have all/most all of their investments tied up in this one stock? I've seen the posts on here... And, one last thing, people keep mentioning what the FDA says, repeatedly. Maybe I missed it, but how come nobody ever mentions the reviews that the people who were part of the study posted on the internet. Surely, I can't be the only one who did that research. The reviews were quite impressive by the way.

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    • Boomer, congrats on the new account today. Your input is read, and thank you.

    • For me I sold 40% of my holdings at $6.00, this was the magical number that allotted me a 20% profit and the remaining holdings are house money. It is just a rule I have, although I have left a large amount of profit on the table it's old saying "you never go broke taking a profit".

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      • I would like to know how you sold 40% of your holdings for a mere 20% profit at $6 per share and you now have the remaining shares, all on house money. If you made 20% selling at $6 then you obviously bought at $5. So how many shares did you have at $5 so as to be solely on "house Money"? This is impossible! You would still have over 50% of your original investment on the table. Example: Buy 5000 shares at $5 cost $25000. Sell 2000 (40% of holdings) at $6 equals $12,000. Bingo, you still have $13000 of your original $25000 invested. This is the same scenario with any amount of shares you bought by the way.

      • "it's old saying "you never go broke taking a profit", that is true, but on the other hand, if you're too quick to cash in, it may keep you in a Honda instead of a Cadillac. To paraphrase another old saw, Cut your losers short and let your winners run. Blockbuster stocks are hard to find and when you get your hands on one, let that baby run a little......But as usual, always get a close eye on the Blockbusters just in case it turns out to be a Blockbusted.

    • You realize that some have already tripled or even quadrupled there money. Just saying, some where at the party way before you were.

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      • So if you bought @2.00 like I did, what risk is there in letting it ride? If there was any problems with the dreamboat or cricket devices we would already know about them. As they have been used in the previous trial. The only risk comes when it's time for the FDA to makes up their mind.

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      • Well, I didn't get here yesterday. I am up a good bit.... Wish I had gotten here a little earlier, but I was doing my homework. Usually, not always, but usually, if I double my money, I'm going home. But, in this case, I think the potential upside is well worth the risk. So, I say let it ride. Unless of course a person's risk tolerance level is low. Then, they should probably pull back some(not all). & if a person doesn't have any risk tolerance, they shouldn't have gotten into this in the first place.

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    • When I got into this stock 81/2 years ago, I knew that it was high risk. I only bought more when the price got down so low it didn't matter, ie not much risk. Now we are at a high risk point again. I've decided to let it ride to $20ps then start taking profits. At that point the risk will probably outweigh the potential rewards!

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    • The reason you don't understand is because you think it's possible for the stock to go to $50 which it absolutely will not. Given the O/S warrants and convertibles, even without considering employee options or the Deerfield kicker, the total enterprise value of MNKD at $50 ps is $21B+. That's not going to happen and not even close. If mayhem ensues it will go to $25, if common sense ensues it will go to $15.

      At $8.30, you're out w no risk. If you bought a bunch in the $1s and $2s like many here did that's a sweet deal given the limited remaining upside.

    • Can we get more comments like this and less assclownhat waste of keystrokes. Thank you for that, it is well put. I have about 25% of my portfolio in MNKD, and as of yesterdays upping of my position in INO, that holds 15%. A lot of the investors here on the MNKD board are in INO as well. They kind of compliment each other.

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      • It can be a fine line between gambling and investing.

        I try to not invest more than 10% in any one stock. So if one stock goes bust I still have 90% left..
        If I was younger, and had more time to recover a loss, I might gamble a higher percentage in one stock.

        Now I am in an interesting position with rises in MNKD price, the stock is going more above my 10% limit.

    • Smart move using only 4%. i think some people on this board have probably went deeper into this than what is prudent! And I am 1 of them! When the stock started climbing and with the results not that close, it was easy to get carried away. I am up over 100% and now as we close in to the results, it is human nature to start 2nd guessing.
      I really think the results are going to be anywhere from good to great. Part of me says take some off the table and the gambler in me says let it ride. And yes, I put more into this than I tyically would in a Spec. play.
      I would say there is a 95 % to 98% chance of Phase 3 being positive, but you are right, we are going to $50+ or to $0.
      They still haven't set the date, so I have some time to think it through! I do think somewhere from now and then, we will drop back with some profit taking, though! All of this is JMHO, but I feel I am not alone.

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      • I am 27 and have 52% of my holdings in MNKD. I am also up over 100%. I would put more into if I had the cash. Trying to think long term.

      • If I were you(in my humble opinion), let it ride! Wait til the results come out. Sure, it's human nature to second guess yourself, & I'll bet you've had more than one sleepless night, but, well, I for one anyways, have more sleepless nights about not being agressive enough than I have sleepless nights about being overly agressive. & as far as the other 96% of my investments go, well... 90% of those are in stocks and mutual funds that not everybody believes in. But hey! It's working for me! Up over 70% in the past year. Doing my homework. It's not always about the numbers. Sometimes you have to look at & keep an eye on the people behind the numbers.

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