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  • monetpenet monetpenet Aug 12, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    We got kicked in the balls today...


    Regardless how we want to spin it... it hurts and it is quite scary.
    Somebody please tell me I am blowing it out of the proportion.
    The clowns predicting over the weekend early Monday morning results release need not comment :-)

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    • monet-- come on this is MM manipulation---we have seen it 1,000 times and this time is no different. Your only fear is timing and I suppose you think the movement should be all up at this monumental time however MM forces continue their tactics. Things will radically change in the next week or two---chill out and keep your eyes on the prize....don't worry, be happy.

    • Close below 6.5 with 10M+ volume will definitely scary - until then it's doing fine..
      It's really speculation/gamble and even though I'm a believer of approval, Not sure about the market response considering the move and market cap of 2B+ and so I'm out..

    • i'll say this.... it was down 4.95% on 15.5 mill shares... on an up day with that volume itd be up 7-9%

    • 15 million in volume, PPS dropped .37 cent!! Yup we got kicked in the #$%$, although their is a strategy towards all this. Everything is manipulated and I feel its gonna blow up ^ soon. I sense positive trial results. MNKD is a Game changer. I do believe a partnership will be necessary to take this to the next level.. Results out on the 15th my opinion. Lets hope for a good one tomorrow.

    • I think it's only scary if you watch the stock price all day long, which many of us do. Not a good thing when there's no news. The odds are so strongly in our favor so have faith, just a matter of time.

    • Such volitility so close to a huge announcement is designed to be scary. If as opc11 suggests your cost basis is low we are playing mostly with house money. If you believed in it last week last month late last year then there is no reason not to believe now. I'm holding! Best of luck to all longs!!

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      • I attemtped to trade a biotech stock called Sunesis about a year ago. It was around $4 a share and I had been holding for about 6 months in anticipation of a runup into the interim phase 3 data. I actually held through the pre-data jitters sort of similar to what is happening to Mannkind now IMO. But I got scared by a 30% drop followed by quick gains and thought it was a taste of what was to come even though there was no news. I sold for a nice gain but to my horror watched it go up literally the next day over $5 then to $6 as all the good news started to come out...the reason why it wasn't already trading $6 a share was because none of that newswas priced in yet, obviously. Is the good newsthat we all expect pricedin to MNKD similarly? I am holding tight to my shares because i think I know the answer.

    • Monet, a prediction is just that... a pre #$%$!
      Believe in yourself and others will have a harder time taking your money.

    • monet, given how long you've been here and your likely low avg cost basis(my assumption). this is nothing.

      i find it hysterical these other bozos call a .30, .50 or .60 swing a "bear raid."

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