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  • indianabraden indianabraden Aug 14, 2013 8:27 AM Flag

    Take advantage of the pre-trade game guys -BELOW $8 is a huge buy


    We've seen this many times. They want retailers to think the value is built in in order to get them to sell in pre-trade. Take advantage of it. The higher volume and covering in a while will turn the tide to the upside and shorts that didn't cover will get punished for not covering and longs who sold in pre-trade who took the bait will have immense potential regret. Will take out its 52 week high quickly. THIS IS A GAME OF PERCEPTION.

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    • harshal1981 Aug 15, 2013 11:27 PM Flag

      How much of this suppression is due to massive call/put options at $7 strike price? In my opinion, Next week, it should start climbing and reach above 8.5-9 since more institutions will start accumulation now that risk of trail results is behind us.
      Moreover, there will also be price built up in anticipation of partnership announcement. Since it can be announced unexpected any time between now and year end.
      Let me know your take at this...

    • Take a look at the KERX chart. Although the companies are very different, they both saw similar price advances, with KERX mostly occurring all at once when results were released. Look at the sell-off. We're just about at the point where KERX sold off. Then it went flat for a month... then you'll see a spike that's most likely a fund purchase. Expecting the same thing here. Funds will want to see formal release of results before jumping in big time.

    • Johnny posted on the Q that you were over here posting and had to check it out myself. I bought a little pre-market today to momo day trade. When it was up $2 pre-market, I was happy to get in at $8.63. Well, it traded only $.07 higher than my entry. While having the dolla showa (homage to Nomadinx), I did a lot of research and now am happy to hold. There is obviously an enormous market for this, especially at the price point. Even if the efficacy is on par with the ones that came and went, they differentiate in price. If they could just capture the children's diabetes market alone, (inhaler vs a metal stick in the skin) the PPS will far exceed the close of today. I don't think anyone will argue a FDA approval either and with that, the PPS will run. A no DD day trade turned into a happy hold for me and Jeez, if you're here endorsing this thing, my seat just got a little more comfortable. Join us in Vegas when the Q hits $100 will ya Indy?

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    • thank you

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    • since we're 2 hours in ans in and still below $8, still waiting for the value to be realized...hurry, my calls at .39 are only up a fraction..

    • Hey indiana what you doing over here in MNKD =) You still holding those ARNA shares

    • don't quit your day job unless it's in people sold before 7am over $9...there was your pop and the priveleged few that can trade between 5-7am took full advantage of it...

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      • I beg to differ, stand by and watch this one it should be a barn have a combination of those (larger size buyers that have been waiting for results confirmation) and a huge short percentage of float that will be falling over each other....pre market will look like a playground compared to the rest of the day...this will hit a new 52 week high on most likely a 52 week high in volume...this one is a game changer and there are a lot more catalysts to come.

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