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  • failupward failupward Aug 14, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    I was wrong


    So much for agreeing with 'To $2 or to the moon on data'. I know it could take off running depending on many things, but I, like many thousands, find myself feeling deprived of an exciting payoff for being so preoccupied with this for the last several weeks as I plowed more $ into it right till this week.
    I know it will do me well, but it would have been nice to be able to celebrate.
    Very anticlimactic. Next time to one of these rodeos I will be far more tempered by this experience- as with all unexpected outcomes in life to some degree.
    Still do not fully understand how this news could be baked into a pps at $8 considering the potential and almost certain FDA approval. It seems like a bigger deal than that to me.
    Looks like I have some schoolin' to attend to...

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    • Perhaps it would be easier to accept had the price run from under $20 to $80 with 30 million shares out. All the same though.

    • A number of things are baked in to this price. In no particular order :

      1) 115 million dollars due December.
      2) considerable dilution in October- Nov. time frame.- Warrant conversions.
      3) more more dilution from debt conversion by our new best friends the financiers
      4) Money still being burned like it was free water
      5) will any large Pharmaceutical partner with the serial Prevaricator Al Mann? How truthful have they been about communications with FDA.? (considerable previous deception and incompetence)
      6) study results seem reasonably good. But, those same studies now provide a target for shorts to pick at.
      7) confirmation bias : people in this forum under estimate the ease with which an Insulin pen can be used.
      8) I would think that they will burn thru another $ 300+ million dollars before they see a dime of product revenue.
      Their is no shortage of things to worry about ! And don't forget about quite effective entrenched competitors

      PS: I'm very long and a buyer should it retreat to around $6 or $6.50. Hope I never get the chance!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • clevans1 Aug 14, 2013 11:23 PM Flag

      No worries fail, I think MM was at work this afternoon. Tomorrow is a new day and as time goes forward we will see incremental increases as shorty gets squeezed and other events are announced!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I don't believe the price was baked into the current pps. I think we all anticipated a nice bump to at least $10 and maybe $12. Huge disappointment, but such is life. There will be a larger pay day up ahead, and while many of us hoped to cash in a few shares to reap a tidy profit it is back to hold and wait. I anticipate a great partnership deal but after today that may also be something does does not pan out. Something stinks big time about all this, but I refuse to share even one share at this price. Al and his team have done a great job. This is not the time to bail out.

    • here here

    • Have zero intention of selling a single share below $25.

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