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  • quemiraswey quemiraswey Aug 16, 2013 11:01 PM Flag

    Insurance company perspective

    I work at a health insurance company where we are constantly developing new programs to increase members' compliance with diabetes treatment. This is because the more compliant they are with their treatment, the less they in appropriately utilize EDs and hospitals. I will you that invariably the two primary obstacles to diabetes compliance are checking blood sugar (they don't like finger pricks) and taking insulin (don't like needles). Diet and exercise are always an issue regardless of medical issue.

    SO, people, these lizards can slither all over these boards in between binges of jerkhing off with their fingers in their gasholes, but you need to man the #$%$ up and rely on your intelligence and DD to keep your senses. My company will gladly pay the premium for a game changing drug like Afrezza on the formulary because it will save us tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary ED and inpatient stays.

    Hang on and at the end of this mess you'll be holding a prize horse while the manipulators will be holding their dirty tissues.

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