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  • bbarra1 bbarra1 Aug 17, 2013 8:53 AM Flag

    Fundamentals Are Intact

    You can't believe the rumor posters. MNKD has reported meeting all primary endpoints. Deerfield has confirmed that they believe in MNKD's representation with $40M. Unless you are a scientist and know better, stop proliferating doubt. We're moving forward whether or not you believe in the results. I know Al has disappointed many of you with 2 CRLs and failed 'minimal dilution' promises. But that was without trying with everything he had. In the past 2 years I have seen how Al and company has strived to deliver on their promises; (1) enrollment completion date; (2) minimally dilutive financing with Al adding $103M of his money in form of LOC; (3) trial completion date met; (4) trial results released 1 day ahead of 'mid-August promise; (5) I expect that FDA filing early 4Q will be met;

    Based on this track record, partnership promised date of 4Q 2013 will be met. It has to be because the sales force have to be in place no later than March/April 2014 (approval date). The partner would have to recruit additional sales personnel, develop FDA compliant sales brochures and conduct doctor conferences/presentations. If average of 4 sales rep per state is needed (sales to pharmacies, clinics, etc,), that would mean at least 200 sales reps. Then you need 'Detailers' to meet with doctors; staff to negotiate contracts with distributors and retailers, lawyers, auditors, accounting personnel. Supposedly the partner has an infrastructure already in place and some of the personnel. But who would have hundreds of people lying around waiting for a new product? Just to give you an idea, a rule of thumb in the pharma industry is that every $1B in sales employ 3,000 people. This is why the partner has to be signed by 4Q 2013 - not because they promised but because they have to. The alternative is for MNKD to go it alone and start hiring like crazy starting yesterday (where's the funding for that?)..

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    • Yup. So many people on this board think that companies can turn on a dime. Question is, could BMY be advertising for reps now in anticipation of a partnership or buyout with Mannkind? There's nothing that says they have to complete the hiring- just start the process and screen candidates until all ducks are in a row with respect to Afrezza. After all, the sales job description posted is looking for new product or concept launch experience. Here's a direct quote under qualifications: "proven track record in delivering results and developing innovative approaches in evolving markets. Previous new product or concept launch experience desired." And 400 reps. Yikes. Why wouldn't BMY want Afrezza? After all, isn't it better to cannibalize yourself than let the competition eat your lunch? Also, I'm sure BMY has a direct line to the FDA. They know what the odds are for approval. All that said, who knows. Stay tuned.

    • sapplee Aug 17, 2013 6:27 PM Flag

      Bbara, bboom, bbang! You da man, BB!

    • "...partnership promised date of 4Q 2013 will be met." I could not agree more with you Bbarra.

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