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  • sirgaylahan sirgaylahan Aug 20, 2013 7:32 AM Flag

    How come???

    How come, every Doctor I have ever asked, says he has never heard of Afrezza and seems skeptical about the whole idea. If it was so great, after so many years of trials Doctors would be talking.

    How come, most people I ask or diabetics, say no way am I put insulin in my lungs. All the more, Fox News asking Al about scaring of the lungs.

    How come, Big Al was so down during the conference. Six months ago he said that it would be such a happy day.

    How come, the stock tanked before the conference and after. Big boys know results, the system is so corrupt.

    How come so many shorts have no fear.

    How come Adam F-Drewstien is so negative on this stock. If it was so good why would he risk his reputation.

    How come, Al has to settle for a black business man interviewing him on a show that is right after IMUS. Even worse, why so many negative questions and what a minute interview. My God if this is as great as all you dreamers are saying, they would be jumping up and down talking for hours on the show.

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    • Gee PAL--I'm a doctor ( 20 years)--you didn't ask me--I treat diabetics who constantly ask me for an alternative to the painful needles they have to deal with-when I mentioned that there may be something they could inhale in the not too distant future--they are literally "Begging" me to switch--my question to you is are you still taking your psychotic medication or did you miss your dose when you wrote this STUPID post?? where is it.................Ah Yes--"IGNORE USER"

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    • How come I have a friend that is a respitory therapist at Renown Regional Medical center and he happens to be a diabetic they knows all about Afrezza and can't wait for it to hit the market.
      How come I have two friends that are phamacists that know about this drug and its benefits and can't wait to fill prescriptions.
      How come you are here? If you don't like or don't have confidence in this company move on. There are stocks out there that might better fit your criteria. Move on and let those of us that believe in this company and have done our DD enjoy the victory with millions of diabetics around the world.

    • Is a good Dr and Bad Dr You need to have Better imformation, AFREZZA work

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    • So what your saying is that the results where not good ... And that the management is lying to us and trying to scam us ... And that the drug will not get approved... Your saying this after big companies are buying more shares, after big investment firms raise their price target, and 9 out of ten analyst say its great results and that they believe mannkind will work.... Plus there's 1 guy on here who a person in his family is on insulin and her doctor advised her that when they approve afrezza she will be on it... So some doctors know about it and want it approved.... And about the 5 minute interview on fox .... I won't even touch that one.....

    • Congrats on your 1st ever post under your new handle.....donkey

    • When the only doctors you've been asking are veterinarians they're probably not going to be informed. As to your even more ignorant comment about Charles Payne, you are now on Ignore.

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    • jstokcton Aug 20, 2013 8:57 AM Flag

      AFREZZA will be accepted. It will just be great marketing by BP's marketing team, or even better a major advertising firm. Most doctors are afraid of changing the old ways. They don't have enough information yet, but soon they will know. AFREZZA will catch like wild-fire. There is no doubt about it. Just send a sample of dreamboat to their office with a rep and see what happens. It might start slow at first, but it will grow very fast. 2014 will be a good year, 2015 is when we capture the market. This is the easiest decision in my life buying MNKD. And it should be yours.

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    • How come you are not on my ignore list yet?

    • How come people ask stupid questions. You really think doctors sit around all day reading about what biotechs have in their pipeline?

    • I'm now dumber for reading your post. Garbage.

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