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  • you_lying_whore you_lying_whore Aug 20, 2013 10:42 PM Flag

    People, ignore Rapp, he's just a dingleberry


    Why are all of you responding to Rapp? Just ignore the guy. If he is so sure that Mannkind is fudging their data and hiding their results, he should go find a securities lawyer and start a class action law suit. But here's the kicker. If MNKD's data was bad or misleading, we would already have seen the lawsuit PRs. We haven't because the data was SPECTACULAR and RAPP is a #$%$ bag con artist whose only goal is to commit online fraud. JUST IGNORE HIM. STOP RESPONDING TO HIM. And if you see him on the street, kick him in the package!

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    • One of the "classic" types of bashers is the guy that finds a weak spots and keeps pushing on them. Rapp does have some points, but the medtone argument is just not valid. Management stated unequivocally that medtone and dreamboat met the bioequivalence requirement. That's what matters.

      I encountered the exact same thing on the KERX board. A guy surfaced who seemed to be long, but brought up a couple really valid points. He dug up some points I had overlooked in my lazy man's DD. I did some extra DD and he wasn't lying... but definitely spreading doubt. Given KERX delays in announcing data, and a seeking alpha FUD article suddenly appearing claiming KERX mgmt. had a checkered history bordering on fraud, I sold... only to watch the price triple about 3 weeks later. I made 50K where I could have made about 350K.

    • Now it's class action he claims. On prelim data.....comical. Armature.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • clevans1 Aug 20, 2013 11:00 PM Flag

      WOW, your right!! Figured that guy out a week ago!

      Sentiment: Buy

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