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  • uncletizz uncletizz Aug 31, 2013 9:38 PM Flag

    Diane Palumbo Dumped 66,849 Shares for over $500k LMFAO

    Don't worry Morons. I'm sure it means nothing.

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    • How about you do a little homework, or are you just trying to mislead the MB. Looks like a wash to me, purchased stock by exercising options, and then selling the stock. Preexisting plan, get it?

      1. Transaction occurred pursuant to Rule 10B5-1 Plan.

      Common Stock, $.01 Par Value 06/03/2013 M (1) 40,000 A
      Common Stock, $.01 Par Value 06/03/2013 M (1) 26,849 A
      Common Stock, $.01 Par Value 06/03/2013 S (1) 66,849 D Less

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You lack comprehension or convincing lying skills, I think you just lack basic math skills.
      If you add ALL of the shares she sold in 2013 it is about $687,405. Her most recent filing was an auto sell of 9,000 shares internally.
      COMPARE each sell to her remaining shares at each time of disposition, she sold between 1.49% - 6% of her shares outstanding each time, and this does not include the hundreds of thousands of stock options she has yet to exercise.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • You guys are something else. Why do you respond with intelligent comebacks when some peon who probably has never owned a stock in his life, lives at home with a borrowed computer from mama and his fetish in life is to rankle your senses with provocative remarks. If you put him on ignore he will simply use another alias, he has nothing else to do with his life. I realize it is tempting to put down a dummy but that is what feeds his ego. C'mon guys, don't supply the dingo with anymore to eat.

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