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  • kevinmik kevinmik Oct 8, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    I Am Going To Call Mannkind Today And Directly Ask Them If They Believe Deerfield Is Shorting The Stock

    I don't expect an direct answer, but I just wantt o let them know some shareholders are frustrated with the way the company has handled shareholder value starting with their misunderstood or inept Phase III announcement and the huge loss in shareholder value we have seen subsequent that announcement.

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    • What difference does it make if Matt was to tell you, yes he thinks a lot of this is Deerfield? So what?? What do we care who is shorting? We need Al buying in size on the open market, which may not even be allowed at this point, or something positive on the partnership front. The filing is already a known upcoming event.

    • Smart up. When Deerfield and similar firms get warrants in exchange for capital infusion, they buy puts to hedge the warrants so they can make money if the stock goes up or down to protect their investors. It is called Delta neutral. This move has nothing to do with Deerfield, this is a technical move to fill in the gap. MNKD can't stop the bleeding until they file their NDA, which can not be submitted until government is funded, which is the 17th. Because they are about to file and subsequently make a material announcement, they are in a silent period right now. They have several events that will propel the stock higher, the NDA, the clinical trial results will soon be published in a medical journal. Additionally the CEO said in the conference call the sweet spot to partner is between the NDA and approval; specifically because they want that partner in place and sales staff trained and ready to roll out on approval in April. They have several partners that are interested and MNKD hired a consulting firm to advise them on structuring the best deal. AL Mann has not made $8 Billion because he was born yesterday. He will play this like a fine fiddle. Load up and enjoy the ride.

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      • The shutdown will not have any effect on Mannkind unless it lasts into next year. The FDA has been fully funded by the congress until December and they have been responding to PDUFA dates for the last week. They are not accepting new NDA's on new drugs, where a new primary fee is paid. Mannkind has already paid the fees, and all work for companies in this reagard are ongoing. Your are spot on with the hedge. Also, the out of the money calls for next month are not budging and that is telling.

      • NDA means nothing. If you file, hooray, you just spent millions of your bottom line cash on hand to submit a form that will take 2 months to review. When the decision comes back and it's positive, look at what happens (see KERX today) They just received NDA acceptance and they tanked over $.70 in minutes. Real good day huh. The news about the advisory firm means more cash spent with no news. Just straight down to where Deerfield wants it to go. They gain cash by shorting it and then with the cash they get the rite to buy back in for pennies on the dollar and ride it all the way back up to $8. In 6 months the PPS has a net movement of 0 but the rich get richer. Go figure.

    • I just called Mannkind IR and left a messag to return my call.

    • Yay go girl!!!! hahahaha

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    • hey, why not, let us know if you here anything!!!!

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    • They hyped the trial results as much as they could. 30% had cough and average weight gain was 3.5 pounds. Not good Bro.

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      • I'm still trying to find the 3.5 pound weight gain...

      • All the groups lost weight but 1: the elderly group. Weight gain occurs with most diabetic medications because of the long peak and half life but should occur the least with alfreza because it peaks in 30 minutes and out of your body in 2 opposed to 4-6 hours for fast acting insulin.

      • this means nothing. SSRIs can cause obesity, suicide, diabetes. They were all approved and made billions for their respective companies. All medications have side effects or unforeseen results. Vasotec and the entire ace inhibitor line have caused cough since their inception. It was known as well during trials. So posting about 3.5 pounds (lol) and a cough that went away makes afreeza look quite tame.

        And because it's onset and duration is faster and shorter than injectable insulin it's safer as well. Or would you rather stick yourself and possibly go into hypoglycemic coma and possibly death?

    • I called yesterday Matt was out of the office and they have not return my call

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      • I just called and spoke to Roberta. Matt is on road the next 2 days. She said that she has nothing to report. She said as a shareholder herself; she doesn't know why the stock has gone down so much lately. The only thing that she knows is that they plan to file with the FDA by the end of the month. She said that Matt told her that the Gov't shutdown does not affect their filing.
        That is all I could find out.

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