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  • kevinmik kevinmik Oct 16, 2013 2:33 PM Flag

    OT The Big Losers After Today Will Be The Wuss John Boehner & The Crazy Tea Party.

    They both need to go away because they bring absolutely no value to the majority in this great country.

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    • Glad I read this thread. It confirms that OPC11 is an #$%$ idiot.

    • The truly serious reasons the Democrat legislators wanted to bring the government to a halt were: they didn't want to be required to have Obamacare like their countrymen are; they wanted to tax a gold-medal American industry - medical devices - presumably because that industry contributed to the economy and the national pride, both serious crimes to the Communist Democratic party; and some other trivial reasons to boring to discuss. The Democrats are America-hating Communists at heart.
      Up against the wall.

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      • Frank Marshall Davis was BHO's mentor and could even be his biological father. He was the individual from whom Obama gathered his dreams. He was a Soviet communist agent. Americans are, in general, deeply in denial about the extent of the penetration of the Democratic party by Soviet and Chinese Communist agents. It started with FDR's administration and grew throughout the thirties, the war years, and the cold war years. It is completely documented by our intelligence agencies and by opened Communist archives.

    • cobjoe872 Oct 16, 2013 5:14 PM Flag

      you must be getting food stamps or disability from the demonocratic administration!!!

      Get a job and quit mooching off the working stiffs!!

    • clevans1 Oct 16, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

      I don't feel the government has the right to mandate healthcare to a free society, call it affordable when it is far from what I paid for previous plans with better coverage. Maternity when my wife is pass child bearing age. What a total joke. Lawyers taking healthcare into their hands and not leaving it to medical professionals. Do medical people pretend to be lawyers? Ive never seen it. Laughable, it will fail.

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      • Ya, leave to the medical professionals, they really take "CARE OF US" they have in the past!!

      • Last I checked if I want to own a car I have to have insurance. The healthcare law isn't only about having every get insurance, it also protects you from not being able to get it God forbid you get sick and need it. Then you have families who's children will now get coverage up to the age of 26, which seems like a good thing. I have two sons 19 & 21 and I am now able to carry them on my employee coverage. Lastly the upfront cost people will pay to get insurance will keep more people healthier and lower overall health costs in this country. Unfortunately many of speaking out of ignorance and don't have a clue what the impact of this law will have on the fiscal and physical well being of all Americans..

    • James Madison wrote and thought about you when he was writing to Thomas Jefferson about the tyranny of the majority. There are many papers written about Madison and the Constitution relative to worries about majorities trying to run over or silence minority groups. This won't be the best treatment of the concept Madison wanted to establish in the US Constitution, but it can give you a start to do you own research. Search for Tyranny Of A Majority - A James Madison View By Paul Von Ward

    • This is MNKD, Afrezza and news - not politics, whether I sympathize with you or not. Politics elsewhere!

    • You're an idiot.

    • I'll leave it to others to defend the Tea Party. I'll leave it to others to address whether this is still a great country and, if so, what qualifies it as such.

      I’d like to focus on your notion that anyone or anything needs to “go away because (it brings) no value to the majority”. This simple statement demonstrates the essence of the dispute between folks like the typical tea partier and the typical statist. Libertarians and constitutional conservatives emphasize individual rights which were intended to be permanently institutionalized in the Constitution. Statists (leftists and crony capitalists) emphasize pure democracy a/k/a majoritarianism. “The greatest good for the greatest number” may’ve been a Marxist mantra, but it lives on in the statist spirit. Accordingly, things that have “no value to the majority”, like inalienable individual rights, need to be jettisoned so that those rights don't get in the way of collective action. The individual is subjugated while the state via majoritarianism and collectivism is elevated.

      I like the Tea Party. I like libertarianism. I like Constitutional conservatism. I like anything that emphasizes and promotes the individual and diminishes "the collective".

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    • I knew there was something seriously wrong with you with all your constant whining. You're a LIBERAL....everything makes sense now. Idiot. Back to ignore with you!

    • At least those crazy tea party peeps have calluses on their hands from not being afraid to work... unlike a flaming liberal who thinks the government should give them everything. Go back to your ACLU meeting and cry for the last guy to shoot up a grade school... boo hoo hoo, it wasn't his fault. True die-hard liberals make me want to puke.

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