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  • eldercareattorney eldercareattorney Oct 31, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    So ...

    So, say you are a person who has no interest in Afrezza as a drug (you're not diabetic, you don't have a family member who has diabetes). Your only interest in MNKD is as an investment.

    Then say you are someone who is convinced the company is a piece of poop (2 failed CRLs, poor/mediocre results, history of inhaled insulin is poor, MNKD isn't transparent enough, Al Mann is old, Hakan is washed up, multiple undelivered promises in the past, etc.). Why would you spend your day creating posts and replying to posts on this board?

    That makes no sense. There's little of value here. Every now and again someone posts something of value, but mostly, no value. So, why are the bashers hanging out here if they know the company is a piece of poop? That makes no sense at all. If I knew the company were a piece of poop, I'd either not invest or just short it. I wouldn't spend my day listening to hopeless optomists prattle on about nonsense. I certainly wouldn't spend my day hoping to educate these mindless optomists with my nonsensical words of wisdom.

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    • I couldn't agree more. There is ZERO logic behind it. Relish in the pain of others? How sad and pathetic. and the LMFAO is the most sophomoric comment imaginable. truly disgusting excuse for a human being.

    • Maybe I relish in the pain of others and enjoy rubbing salt in wounds. There is nothing more satisfying than warning someone in advance of a disastrous outcome and then telling them I told you so after theyre smashed particularly when I profited so handsomely at their expense. Those who heeded my warnings come out smelling like a rose while those who didn't are permanently encased in hardened fecal material. Enjoy the day. LMFAO

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      • but the thing is, Afrezza really can help people with a real problem. MNKD isn't making one more cellphone or producing the Kardashians. It's trying to make a drug that will improve the health and well-being of millions of people.

        It's not a charitable organization, but it is trying to improve lives (and make a profit at it). But their goal benefits people. So, to say that you take pleasure in the pain of others doesn't speak well of you at all. Taking joy from idiot investors is one thing, but as I say, if the drug does what it seems to do, it could be very helpful to a great number of people who really have a problem.

      • If you follow Yahoo message boards, you often find complete jerks who post junk, insult people, and generally ruin the board, and yet they are not bashers. They are jerks. I suppose that since most boards are followed by longs (longs being more common than shorts), a good place to be a jerk (or to pretend to be wealthy and smart) is on a Yahoo Board.

    • Brilliant! But this is a place where you can be heard, and anonymously too, when you don't have any other social interaction like a job or a bar to go to, or a golf club grill room, and even the Walmart greeter has no interest in your opinion. And, if you're one of the wise Uncles here, your nephews and nieces can ignore you.

    • Plato would be envious of this reasoning/logic.

    • It's a job for them. Paid bashers on every small cap company board.

    • Sound but shrewd wisdom!

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