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  • uncle.bigs uncle.bigs Dec 20, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Inhaled Insulin Already Obsolete LMFAO

    Sorry Mo-Fos. Should have bought Oramed. Swallowing a pill is much better than inhaling powder. LMFAO

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    • Once again it's not insulin that is in the Oramed pill. It's another GLP-1, exenatide, insulin analog with all the speed of action problems and with the long tail of getting it out of the system problem. If it is not real insulin in the pill, it does not have the action of real monomer insulin that Afrezza does have in the body. Have you examined the results the Emisphere pill had with the GLP-1 from Novo? It did not even work.

      Once Afrezza is on the market putting real insulin in the body, that will be the standard of care. All these insulin analogs will fall away over time due to all their fundamental problems as well as side effects plus they are injected.

    • No A1C, FBG, time of onset, duration of treatement, or other numbers, were given with the results - just that the results were dose dependent, PERIOD.

      A critical first step to get to PH 2, but nothing more, nothing less.

    • Not true, swallowing pills is a pain in the a)ss. What does an individual do more of, swallowing pills or breathing. Afrezza is literally one inhalation. My aunt just went blind after complications from diabetes, she used pills and half the time she would get sick or have a minor hypoglycemic event in the night. Aside from the hundreds of other ways this is superior, compliance will be better with afrezza than it is with pills. The trial already showed that as proof, moreover...afrezza is a better product and produces far better and more consistent results than any pill out there.

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