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  • vcppaddler vcppaddler Dec 31, 2013 5:19 PM Flag

    Plan "B"

    So on this last day of 2013 with PDUFA and partnership looming it ocurred to me, what if Mannkind doesn't pan out? What if something goes wrong? What is my plan "B"? I have to admit that I really don't have one. I am confident in Al and the technology but I really don't know what my next move would be if it Mannkind fails. Anyone else care to contribute as we reflect on the new year?


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    • My Plan B might be to start a Ponzi Scheme!

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    • plan B is havin my hand on the mouse pushin the sell button as fast as possible..

    • Scotch, lots of scotch. Personally I wouldn't put more than 20% in a stock that could go to zero overnight. Most wold say even that's irresponsible. Definitely don't bet the whole enchilada!

    • Rule of thumb investing that has been handed down to me is this. One solid stock for each speculative stock. Split your assets 50/50. While I wait on MNKD I also have the same dollar amount in BIPIX biomed mutual. BIPIX has doubled in the past year. Also look at PRHSX biomed fund by Price. Hope my comment helps you. As an example of how my funds stand now. I bought 24,300 shares of MNKD for $2.47 for 60K. I also bought 60K worth of BIPIX @ $111 @ sh. The 540 shares of BIPIX are now worth $108,000. By mid summer the BIPIX shares value will have increased equal to my cost to buy MNKD. So in the unlikely event MNKD is not approved I have hedged my loss with the profit in BIPIX. No perfect guarantees and I'm sure others posting here have other ideas. But other than trying to guess and short a stock which is lot of worry and 99% wrong most of the time. A balanced 50/50 investing strategy seems to work. You might not make a lot of money but if your speculative stock goes down you will probably break even and at best at least minimize your losses. I also always but a stop loss open sell order on any speculative stock I buy. I put the stop loss price equal to what my tax rate is.

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    • my take on this thread.....this doesn't sound like paddler? and no sentiment? "i got burned" in 2011 by breaking even for 8mths of trading-work (2010 avg down). was very unproductive. caught the may-aug 2013 pop and bailed. i was recently, waiting for pps to fall below $5 and it didn't so i bought back in....lightley...using pure profits from the pop.. i have been watching 300 potential pharms on my watch list since 2011 and have played some as you can see from my history. i set myself up with plan B by spreading my portfolio onto 4 bio's. i don't care about a "partner" , i don't care about "dilution", or the Danbury ability to manufacture,or if mnkd produces afrezza and takes sales in a paradigm shift......because it will all happen if afrezza gets approved, and the fda quits f'n with Al. So my new plan now is to hold ALL my current shares until approval without selling any off on a spike. if there is a dip after approval??? i will add. This is a self-insured play for me :) there is no losing all 2013 profits on bad news in 2014, but much more to gain if afrezza gets it this time (i think it will). my other three bio's? kerx,vnda,orex....just added orex. I still may pickup INO and athx for 2014.....i will wait it out. THERE is my plan B.JMHO

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    • May you find your true identity in 2014....

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    • I'll meet you under the bridge if MNKD fails---please bring Wild Irish Rose.

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