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  • congomunro congomunro Jan 22, 2014 8:32 PM Flag

    WOW!!! That Eiseman article!!!

    Simply stunning in it's scope! Just print that off and use it has the shield of invincibility. It makes Rump Rap and the Philippine Mauler look very clumsy. Well, there's always someone out there whose a bit better isn't there! Except in this case, he makes the naysayer's look like insignificant. What an article!!!!

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    • Well researched article by a very respected Professor. Thanks for sharing.

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    • The article was very positive so it can only mean that Feuerstein is working overtime on another article. I heard that one of his arguments against Afrezza is that people generally are not that concerned with applying insulin using needles, and so they are more likely to keep poking themselves instead of using the inhaler.

      For the love of God, Adam... please.

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    • It was a commenter to that article, who pointed out to me a potential flaw in Afrezza that was perhaps overlooked. I am not sure how this would affect MNKD trading in the coming days.

    • Agree with Eiseman article. The key point I took away from reading about him is in his position he is experienced in picking apart data and analysing it to see if it holds up to examination. Sometimes researchers and other academia types like Al Feuerstein with non business degrees will have a different take on data based on how they analyze it. You can tell from Eiseman's article and the numerous items he lists that MNKD has passed the litmus test of credibility. Rather than throw stones at him because he isn't from Wall Street I think it helps that he isn't a Wall Street type.

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    • I only skimmed it and am impressed thus far, plan to read it tonight in its entirty.


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    • clevans1 Jan 22, 2014 11:57 PM Flag

      Okay Congo, read it and am exhausted. I'm just NOT that into flow charts. Very good info, but IMHO I think he is down on HbA1c for the wrong reasons. Hba1c still may as he stated be a good indicator of the compliant vs the non compliant diabetic. My head is spinning, is he a doctor of psychology? One point he is right on is that it will be approved and it deserves to be.

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    • That's a darn good article!

      AFREZZA is truly a miracle drug for diabetics across the full spectrum. Lower highs, higher lows, tighter glycemic control all the time. Better patient compliance, weight loss due to no defensive eating, no complex meal time titration, convenience, no social stigma based on the delivery device (vs injection) or patient losing control due to high or low spikes, comfort in not being a human pin cushion for needles and constant blood glucose monitor pricks, less long term tissue damage in eyes, kidneys, heart, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. less oxidative stress, less hypos and severe hypos, better baseline blood sugar levels, better quality of life. AFREZZA is so superior it's hard to count the ways! No wonder the article was so long.

      He nicely broke down the superiority of AFREZZA for all stakeholders involved: patients (5 distinct groups who will benefit from AFREZZA), doctors, insurance companies, and MNKD investors. Hard to improve upon this information! The Simpson's paradox discussion regarding A1c was magnificent as well.

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    • watch premarket in the morning....

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    • clevans1 Jan 22, 2014 8:51 PM Flag

      Just saw it and read a small amount. I find it surprising he finds a1c as the gold standard. I need to look at it a little closer. I have more comments, I'm sure. Yes I also am very long mnkd.

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    • Amen to the WOW
      I'd like to see opc and the rest of the doomsday preppers try to refute this guy.

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      • 1 Reply to radgray68
      • Ummm most likely in the "war room" as you type trying to dissect and pick apart some twist of words out of context....let's face it, every long on here just about has nothing else to do but pretty much keep reinforcing what we all know while the waiting game goes on for the inevitable approval. The others are pretty dried out at this point with any rebuttals and truthfully know that they're pretty much ineffective at this point in time (at least on this MB) as most of them are basically either talking among themselves or picking fights with those that can't help but not take the higher road...but when you're on the brink of something this exciting akin to the noise at a hot craps table when point after point is being rolled for 45 minutes while the don't player is quietly eschewed in the corner...well welcome to the next two months my friends!

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