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  • options_man69 options_man69 Jan 23, 2014 2:14 AM Flag

    AF going to work overtime trying to come up with story before open

    you know he won't sit quietly after Eiseman's SA article. he's gonna try anything to slow MNKD down before it opens

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    • he and others will surely try to hammer this thing down to 5 bucks..

    • AF pumps CHTP in November and then bashes CHTP in January. Do you trust AF, paid by hedge funds?

    • Check out his tweets. Incredibly immature and non-substantive. At the JPM conference he was posting that he was drunk. In another tweet he advised readers that he was listening to an AMRN call so that they wouldn't have to and posted a link that said it was a video review. Turns out the link was no such thing but rather a YouTube video of a kid throwing a tantrum in a supermarket. If you hadn't viewed the link and trusted that he was listening to the call he later says that he couldn't deal with the call and stopped listening. So much for relying on his synopsis and intelligent assessment of the call. The guy is a disgrace. And by the way, I posted earlier that he was batting around over 600 for his 2013 calls - barely better than throwing darts.

    • If AF had ever bothered to do any actual research, and due diligence, he would of never taken the position he has. No one has an issue with any good analyst logically, and factually, discussing any possible issues. However, based upon his articles, he appears to have lost his objectivity in the matter; and has dug in his heals for personal reasons. Not very professional for a "biotech" columnist, in my opinion.

      If AF's employer was actually looking for a qualified "biotech" analyst to write articles, they would of never hired AF to begin with. He is a professional columnist, with a "political science" degree, and that certainly in no way qualifies him to be a "biotech" analyst.

      So quite frankly, I am wondering what is the true purpose of AF's job? Perhaps it is, at times, to actually write controversial pieces with the sole intent being such pieces get more hits then non-controversial pieces. After all, we can logically assume the primary purpose of AF's articles is to attract individuals to his employer's website.

      Of course the problem with the "controversial" approach is: many individual investors now think his employer is as much of a fool as AF is.

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