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  • options_man69 options_man69 Mar 12, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

    buy and sell limits placed

    just updated for what will probably be a crazy next 2 weeks. adding more buy limits for the expected bear raid before adcom. frankly, i hope they hit it hard because i'd like to pick up some bargain shares...
    this stock has been getting really quite as of late. quite before the storm? most likely

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    • Quite or quiet?

    • 10 days to cover is a huge amount for the shorts on this one. I dont know how they can be comfortable with that high a margin.

    • I dont agree necessarily that you will see any further bear raid or price drop here. Sure it would be great to pick up some more cheapies at a lower price, but Im not counting on it. Its anyones guess what happens here, but I would say it would be highly unusual for there not to be some level of a run up going into Adcom especially since even the haters like AF agree that MNKD will ultimately be approved. I think MM and the big boys are just trying to psyche people out and do the exact opposite of what is expected to get their own cheap shares and catch people with their pants down. Anyone shorting at these levels is going to get burned badly.

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      • That makes sense. I've learned over the past 6 years of my investing career (so far) that I am my own worse enemy so instead of listen to the weak & scared little voice in my head I decided to buy more today at 5.70. I suspect the same place in my brain "the voice" originates also likes to throw images of red colored $3s at me in my nightmares, which I have also chosen to ignore. My magic 8 ball seems to disagree with logic and says approval is "not likely" and I am obviously ignoring that. The constant bashing and shorting has not really affected me. Why wait for a big pullback that may never come? It's not often that we get a chance to invest in a blockbuster before the whole world knows what it's true value is.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • maybe so, but I guess I just can't wrap my head around that many shorts going into ADCOM and FDA without looking for a way to lighten up. That takes a lot of balls to go in like that and there aren't enough open call positions that would allow them the hedge appropriately for a pop. Sure they will try to keep a lid on it when it starts moving but it may already be too late. I just don't get that kind of risk.
        Either way, I can still hope they try a raid. Last entry I had was below $5 in early February and unfortunately only got a fraction of what I had hoped for...

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