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  • mann.ontop2 mann.ontop2 Mar 26, 2014 1:12 PM Flag

    I like what Nate asked........... "Is this a "slow roll" by Al Mann?"

    I think so. Let me define it for you in poker terms so EVERYONE understands.

    "To "slow roll" an opponent means to act weak while holding the nuts, taking the time to reveal the hand with the express purpose of tilting or insulting an opponent,"

    I love the quiet..... ;-)

    I wouldn't blame Al Mann one bit, in fact I will applaud him, better yet, I will give him a standing ovation!

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    • Nates comment was made in regards to my recent instablog and I doubt he intended it to imply what some of you are suggesting here. Nate is a sensible man and Im not sure why exactly he used the poker analogy but its as good as any. For some of you to suggest Dr mann and DF delibertly are somehow manipulating pps down so they can show their winning hand after PDUFA date is bit of a stretch as that implies someone has tipped Dr mann and DF off that it will be approved. Notice below he mentions 3 possible scenarios followed by we'll find out soon enough so he certainly isnt implying he knows what will be the outcome. IMO and keeping in the poker analogy theme of things, only the 1st 2 hole cards have been dealt which in this scenario would be the the ph 3 results and FDA accepting the new NDA and adcom panel you could say will be the flop and PDUFA date the turn and then the river would be possible partnership announcement and or mnkd launching themselves to prove what market share will actually be. One thing for sure shorts have been raising on whatever their hole cards are and what they think mnkd's hole cards are as short interest has risen and pps fallen and of course they hope to flop the nuts on Tuesday or turn it on Apr 15 but the flop turn and river could change everything in either direction and as Nate said I suppose we'll find out soon enough!

      Thanks for the update, VerticalView!

      The question, of course, remains "is Al bluffing, sitting on a 'decent' hand... or slow rolling the entire table after all he's been through?"

      I suppose we'll find out soon enough!

      Thanks again for your contributions to helping investors consider as many sides of the story as possible as they place their final bets!

    • Nate Pyle's prognostications on MNKD have been laughably and, perhaps more importantly, RECKLESSLY wrong.

      Why anyone pays for his rag is beyond me...

    • As a poker player that is what I believe Al and Deerfield (yes I believe they are joined at the hip on this) have planned IMO....the purpose is leading the shorts to believe they have "a winning hand" only to pull the rug out from under them...and yes they will be "on tilt" when the time comes. An example of tilt would be bashers on the board posting out of control and with vulgarity...sound familiar?

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    • the question is -- what does he get out of this other than hosing the shorts. i don't see a purpose in doing what you are positing for an 87 year old bazillion aire.

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