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  • followon followon Apr 10, 2014 8:42 PM Flag

    Cramer and his puppet Adam Feuerstein are pumping Dance Biopharm

    Cramer said Dance Biopharm IPO filing drove MNKD 4% and..... NASDAQ is down 3.1%.
    Oops, typo - MNKD is actually down 2.14%.

    Adam F shows Dance 501, yes, it's an electronic gadget vaporizes the insulin in a fancy container.
    It recently completed phase II for TYPE 2 diabetics, phase III is still planned. Never filed for FDA approval yet.
    He thinks it can beat MNKD that has gone 3 times for filling for FDA approval.
    He thinks Dance 501 is going to slam dunk and get FDA green light - better bet than MNKD for investors.
    It is run ex Exubera exec.

    When does he starts to realize that he screwed up lots of small investors in MNKD?


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    • First, I don't perceive Biopharm as a threat; however, it does explain the Exubera trials that happened within the last couple of years.

      Now for my concern about the Dance 501 device. Doesn't insulin require refrigeration? Last time I checked, a vaporizer works by boiling the actives. Wouldn't that destroy the insulin just prior to inhalation?

    • Looks like a miniature version of the Exubera bong modified by some Exubera team alumni. It is still bulky, involves transfer of the liquid into the vaporizer and somewhere discreet to do the vaporizing and inhaling. No competition there for the one smooth draw on a whistle-sized Dreamboat device no one even notices if you hold it in the palm of your hand. I am fairly certain MNKD holds the patents on the rapid-acting monomer form of insulin that makes AFFREZZA so uniquely effective. Technospere dissolves instantly on contact with the lung tissue and is gone. What happens with a mist of insulin liquid? It has to raise questions about long term lung effect since it will undoubtedly linger longer in the lung tissue than Technospere.

      I fail to see how a mist would not generate a cough reflex if one has that tendency. No information at all on the insulin formulation, dose control, time to peak and tail, etc. There are many FDA hurdles to overcome for this johnny-come-lately. Much ado over nothing it looks like to far as serious competition goes.

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    • Let's face it, there is no way one can fight and win against these Jewish money mongers in Wall Street.

    • You people make me sick. Adam has not supported Dance and in fact stated he doesn't support it. He is simply reporting on a new development which is what he is supposed to do.The problem with you people is very obvious. You are against Adam because he is Jewish. People like you make me sick. Rot in hell you anti-semites. Adam is right 80% of the time which is better than you goyums can do.

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      • Alfred Mann is Jewish too and he owns Mannkind. I think your theory has a hole inside it. People here dislike Cramer and AF because they have been rather unfair, negative, and unbalanced for ages whenever they report anything about Mannkind or Afrezza. It is assumed that they have a hidden agenda.

        Today's story is nonsense and everyone knows that there is no connection between today's stock price and another possible competitor who is several years behind at best…

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    • Adam Fartstein is never right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wallywonks Apr 10, 2014 9:08 PM Flag

      I could care less about Dance Biopharm. The FDA is going to want trials done on this. This will take at least 2 years to get approved and another year for sales on a best case scenario. Also Dance 501 is for Type 2 only. Afrezza is for Type 1 and Type 2. Big difference but nice try shorties. Obviously Big Pharma has their crooked hands in this sudden IPO of a former Pfizer employee in charge of Exubera.

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