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  • cvs9yt cvs9yt Apr 17, 2014 7:09 PM Flag

    Cramer just #$%$ on MNKD

    This SOB, today the street reported that IBM beat earnings when the street posted there own numbers and not the published consensus, CNBC pumped the stock all day to hold it , although Cramer said stay away from IBM at 180 and said buy buy buy at 190's, IBM reports the worst qtr since 2005 and Cramer says buy.

    Mankind gets the slam dunk vote and he still #$%$s on it, You can always tell when the fast money guy's and Cramer are on the wrong side of a trade big time. When they stink up the air with BULL sh9t

    SEC where are you total #$%$ Sorry Cramer we are not that dumb up yours and that #$%$ restaurant you run

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    • matchpoint7 May 13, 2014 5:28 PM Flag

      Where is the SEC? Is that a joke? Watch the Matt Damon Documentary called "Inside Job." It will effectively explain everything you need to know about the SEC, Wall Street, Politicians, etc. A high government raking official said that "before the markets crashed, the SEC essentially had 1 (ONE) person working the entire division. LOL!

    • Problem is this slam dunk vote means nothing, or at least the FDA has not to follow it. The FDA was the most negative part of the adcom and now they issued a 3 month delay. This keeps me worried A LOT. They even said they don't see afrezza as a stand-alone drug more like a supplement to needles.
      If they approve it only as a supplement then kiss your revenues good buy. My main concern is HOW the FDA is going to approve. If they #$%$ up the labeling and restrict it to a small group of diabetics that is bad. very bad.

      I really don't know why the FDA is SO EXTREMELY negative towards Afrezza, while they approved Exubera without hesitation. It feels this whole game is rigged against MNKD.
      For me it does not feel right. But then again, what do I know.

      But it is always good to be a little bit skeptical. Remember nothing is AS good or AS bad as it seems in the first place.
      good luck to all and happy easter!!!

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      • There are too many connections and friends that owe favors for MNKD to get a big green light without a few flags and bumps on the way. I suspect that FDA will place restrictions and limitations on Afrezza, which we will get a boost but not what we deserve. Cramer has his Hedge Buds to appease and no way he will promote this stock until the shortage dust settles. They are all money hunger crooks including most politicians which have ruined USA and hard working public. We have been scrwwdd by those holding the keys to the lock boxes and making decisions for monetary gains for all their cronies.

        I am long and strong on MNKD but not a happy camper because of the obstacle course that #$%$ have placed in our paths.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Never listen to him. I don't understand why people do.


      Enough said about Cramer's pumping and dumping.

    • cvs9yt, I went to the video and watched it from 4/17/14, and Cramer said he was not going to say anything negative because MNKD is a cult stock and it will overload his twitter account the next four days telling him what a jerk he is. He did mention in a goofy way the small device. He said he does not know how big the device is going to be (meaning, I think, he does not know how successful Afrezza is going to be). He said he is critical and remains skeptical. Ja und. He is skeptical, because AF of some short buddy told him to be skeptical.

      Don't get fumed over Cramer's ignorance. Several years ago when I owned SSYS at much lower prices, someone called in about it. He knew nothing but said don't buy. Maybe 60 points higher he loved SSYS.

      Since the FDA staff people at the AdCom did not understand the diabetic's blood sugar control problem other than through their A1c benchmark until the AdCom panel of doctors/scientists and mostly the diabetics' testimonials explained it to them, how can we expect a momentum stock jock/yell king, Cramer, to have any idea what he might think if he understood the blood sugar control problem. No one has explained it to him, and he would not understand the chemical mechanism anyway. Cramer will love Afrezza in a year, and wear a post-it to tell all how wrong he has been. Of course that is not good enough, but he did not know anything about SSYS at 25 and still #$%$ on it in his lightning round. I know he has loved it in the past 12 months or more around 100.

    • Wasn't it obvious that AF was acting on Cramer's orders? They are short big time and hoping to get out alive and maybe cover before July 15th at a lower price.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Cramer's clueless - says he "doesn't know the size of the device" - everyone but he knows it's the size of a whistle. Clearly he doesn't do much research.

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      • Cramer is funny... he has the Street hit Mannkind sometimes with 2 or 3 articles in a day. He has a sports journalist give a thumbs up to an idiot post of dance which is years off / requires batteries and a working motherboard; and FIVE TIMES THE SIZE of a non mechanical device with few moving parts, requires no batteries and is designed to be disposed of and replaced ever 2 weeks. Cramer doesn't know the size?!
        It's like his video when asked about MNKD he puts his hand up in the air as if he is being held up by someone with a gun and says "I have no opinion". Yeah... Cramer is quite the king of deception. When he endorses
        MNKD there is generally a bear raid using the media to create smokescreen comparisons such as the one of competion of Dance Pharma and Mannkind's Afrezza. Go figure.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Cramer is a lying POS. He invited Al Mann as a guest on Mad Money last year and Al held up the whistle sized inhaler for all to witness.

        Nobody is going to fall for Cramer's BS.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • He looks at a stock for 15 seconds and considers that "research".

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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