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  • pahelgreg pahelgreg Apr 18, 2014 3:14 PM Flag

    Poster matese16 and many others whom post the facts,…….

    I want to personally thank you for your time that you put in, posting mostly factual info pertaining to MNKD. Why do I say mostly factual you ask? 1) Your statement, "dumping of a million or more shares all at once", this is known as pitch and catch as you should be well aware by now "pure manipulation by the same hedge funds! The bogus articles (with millions of holes in them ) would appear somewhat factual to the uneducated investor of just how Wall Street plays the game. They get multiple loggers (paid by hedgies) to fabricate, twist and manipulate all scientific data and then they construct the old "BEAR RAID" to coincide with the articles, hence the "FALSE" sell off!!! Matese16, And all "REAL LONGS", hold on tight and buy on every dip that you can afford to do without taking FOOD off the table. It has been a very long and tiring road for many of we long time MNKD investors, (myself since 2006), but the road is near it's end for the shorts and the patient MNKD investors will be rewarded handsomely with their roads being paved with GREEN $$$. I myself am a small time investor compared to most (honest) posters of how many shares they actually have and my total was once a mere 10K shares @ an average of $9.06pps. Like a lot of we dedicated longs here we have had to sell and reposition in order to take care of family or other personal obligations. I’m slowly adding to my new small position and currently own 5200 shares @ average of 5.34pps. I will continue to buy on all major dips (a true MM gift for we longs) and although YES I’m still currently under water on my investment, I (WE) will soon be sailing on smooth waters in the very near future. Al Mann has a nice surprise for all who are “REAL” dedicated longs on this board. GLTA MNKD longs and as my good friend always closes with “GO MNKD GO DR. MANN !

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    • Although I'm very short in all departments I would have to agree with you pahhelgreg.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • pahelgreg, i once wrote on this MB that Al would make more millionaires than Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs combined. Little people who persevere through all the manipulations. It's overdue. A 27-1 vote by the adboard settles the issue of whether Afrezza works. The only issue remaining is FDA approval. Partnership will happen simply because there will be significant financial benefit to the partner. All in due time. For once it is the big hedge funds that will be paying the little shareholders and making them millionaires. For many years now they've been robbing us all. It's payback time.

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