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  • kevinmik kevinmik Apr 21, 2014 11:25 AM Flag

    Anyone Believing Alfred Mann Is Looking Out For Retail Shareholders Best Interest Better Think Again !

    Al has may concerns, but what is happening or going to happen with retail shareholders is at the bottom of the list. First and foremost Al cares about the health benefit Afrezza and Technosphere will have for mankind, next he cares about his legacy, his own net worth, his insider friends and Mannkind colleagues and somewhere at the bottom of the list he cares about shareholders. His decisions are primarily motivated by his self interests and I bet if he could do it all over again he would have kept Mannkind a private company.

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    • You mean Al puts himeself last? since Al is the biggest shareholder. Oh, you mean the small shareholders. But not the big ones. Or are you referring to Option holders about to lose their options? These guys are not shareholders - they (You) have not bought the stock yet.

    • You posters have become past pathetic! Mann is the WORLDS BEST MUSICIAN and will continue to play the "Mann Jock Sniffers," investors like a fiddle. Shareholders are too stupid to realize they are being played. ( I did forewarn each and all, (Dare you to review my posts!) 1.) Specifically stated the decision on the 15th of April, WOULD BE POSTPONED. 2.) Asked all to check in with me on the 16th. The concerns I posted were met with scorn, ridicule, and thumbs down. To date, not one whimper from the know-it-alls. Not only do critics of my posts deserve what you are getting but let me conclude saying, "bite me, idiots."

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