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  • omershahidkhan omershahidkhan Jul 18, 2014 10:17 PM Flag

    What makes you guys think that shorts arent in control

    Naked shorts and phantom stock. Shorts can create stocks at will and unregulated no one can stop them. Even a short squeeze will not work. MNKD may be stuck in this 9-10 glut forever.

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    • shorts are wimps

    • Who says we (you guys) think that? A bit hard to argue that their influence is minimal, that's for certain. Our hope/belief is that with positive catalysts, in time, they will simply find it more profitable to apply their efforts and capital elsewhere. It doesn't help that our institutional investors likely work with the shorts at times, if indeed they aren't actually counted among the shorts themselves; we have seen what the shorts can accomplish when the institutional/hedge fund longs step to the sidelines. That is just simply WS's house of mirrors where things are often not what they appear and where moral 'right' frequently/usually takes a backseat to turning a profit. The ability to naked short at will for a period of time is an absolute moral outrage, but the Big Players have no intention of encouraging transparency or allowing their SEC lapdog stooges to expose or eliminate it; remember it wasn't long ago where CNBC and guests actually laughed and mocked those trying to sound the alarm about naked shorting - then the naked short hedgies turned on the TBTF financial institutions and suddenly Congress was petitioned to make illegal what was already illegal (and what hardly ever happened anyway). Is the game rigged? Absolutely. If you are nimble and prudent, can retail still win, even 'against' a very large and powerful entrenched short cabal? Absolutely. All just the humble opinion or a mere retail fly on the rhino's backside.

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    • What makes you think they are? People are always so desperate to believe someone is in control, but usually nobody is.

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    • What do you mean unregulated... We have the SEC who is very capable, just like the IRS and the rest of Washington. They even hold fund raises every day and get bonuses every fifteen minutes to help us out.

    • uhh...stock has gone from $6.20 to $9.80 in the past two months. If shorts are in control, they're driving with two flat tires and the other two in the ditch.

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    • your desperate post just validated it - buy signal

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      • The facts are signifiacant in that the shorts do indeed control the movement in concert. This is aproven out fact. It is not a mystery. When they are forced to buy back from a strong movement up they short as big as need be to take it down and cover. They will take out all stop losses as they are viewed on thier books or the makers books who do the orders. Tons of cash gets passed around for influence. The only know preventive medicine is big buying by big investors in conjunction with retail on the demand side.

        As they get closer to a must cover as regulated and are on a big margin they will have to by in the open mkt. IF the sellers have their gtc high they will have to go there to cover. Thus a squeeze is on. When they reach the forced cover they start the short all over agian to make that cash back. They take out again all stops. They will hold in down for as long as they can to once again try and get the margin calls on the new buyers who have used margins.

        This cycle can be repeated many times "especially" when the shorts have a huge shot postion, like this one of over 30%. The big traders play with the shorts knowing thier game and they trade in conjunction. Tatics do not always work but for the most part they do. Keep in mind that the shorts have trillions of dollars, they get free shares to short. Two monster shorts, one in New Jersey and one in Arizonia. These are facts folks, believe it or not.

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