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  • charles_lacy2003 charles_lacy2003 Aug 17, 2014 1:03 PM Flag

    most of the true longs here sold out like little cowards

    it wasnt shorts bringing it down it was the longs selling with no conviction

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    • Once again, you are wrong. The top long bought more. Stick to taking care of your health, no pun intended. Nice call babarra. Nice upgrade. Steady rise!!

    • Non of the longs will even consider to move under $25

    • I seriously doubt true longs have sold. They might have shave some off the top, but any true long is still holding. Lots of get rich fast new comers with stop losses were taken out, but that was a predictable outcome.

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    • Hooray, someone finally called it right here. Longs with no conviction are generally called the 'weak hands', selling out whenever they think they hear someone say "boo'. These folks are a shorts dream, since they're generally scared of their own shadows and will exit with little to no provocation. Too many shares in a stock means too many 'weak hands' and they will put a stock pps down in a nanosecond due to playing with scared money. This is exactly what happened here with MNKD. It will take months to crawl back to true pps value due to these folks.

    • Not this one, I'll never sell, don't need to, I'll hold this one for my grand kids if we aren't bought out. No selling Charles. NOT ONE SHARE. See you at the finish line. RSR

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    • also has to do with capital. Let s say it dips 10% the true longs with belief in company and potential will buy to average cost down, and keep doing it thinking it s undervalued and take it as a gift. But the ones with low capital will sell. At a certain point when it goes below 30% they d have to either sell or average down, and with no money doesn't have much of a choice unless they just leave their investment here and walk away for a year or so. To make up a loss of lets say 30% the stock needs to go up about 40%+ for investors with money average down makes sense, but if low capital it gets very tricky.

    • You know ... I have to agree with you a little.
      40% longs abandoned like rats jumping off a ship in trouble and the remaining 60% was manipulation by relentless shorts who find themselves in a bind now, having to find enough shares to cover before their buddy does.

      No one ever said MNKD was a predictable and boring stock!!!
      This is going to go down with a BANG, POP, BOOM and lot of other colorful fireworks!

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    • Charles. I added. Have not sold anything.

    • that's so dumb... why like cowards?... when you see a trade going south and do the smart thing and cut your losses (or lock in whatever remaining gains) that's called smart trading/investing and not being a slave to the original decision but being flexible enough to make the right decision at the PARTICULAR MOMENT THAT REQUIRES IT....

      i don't remember ANY stocks where the decision to buy was bad but i quickly sold upon realizing the mistake... i remember EVERY stock i've held on for too long hoping it would bounce back only to see the losses accumulate over the months and years

      you're admonishing people for doing the right thing... that tells me you're not that bright

    • Pretty self righteous of yourself to make that claim.Being long doesn't mean being stupid. I sold a percentage of my holding at 100% profit. I may buy back some this week. Only a fool would use emotion to invest and then hold as the stock tanks.

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