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    The true reason why Mnkd has not taken off yet

    Institutions haven't had enough shares yet. The short hedge funds have not had a chance to cover and not yet have have a chance to acquire shares. So how can they bring this up? Al Mann owns nearly half of the volume; thus the ture float is only about 200 mil. Institutions has now 89 mil shares and increasing. They are fighting hard to keep it low to accumulate and allow the shorts to cover; work well for all parties except for retailers who bought at recent peaks and sold currently The scenario here between the institutions and short hedge funds is simply, you scratch my back and I scratch yours. They all help out each other. Retailers have to guess their games

    There are about 80 milo shares shorted now To cover and go long, that means they will have to buy 160 mil sharees!!! This will trade like tesla and nflx on management projected revenue announcement and the first profit.

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    • agreed that to many manipulators still own shares at low prices....overtime these institutions need to get that ownership % up to around 30 from 20 to see this thing start rising

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • no... it's because any tangible return isn't until next year.... who wants to put their money to sleep for that long?... there are thousands of things you can do with that money in the meantime and buy this stock at end of year tax dump time or even in febr

    • backwards rationalizations.
      so can losers justify their actions and feel better about themselves.
      but hey. its ok.

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      • most longs here are strong believers that Afrezza would be a blockbuster. I don't speak for all of them, but I am for one would rather see all my shares go to zero than to sell it here this cheap. I am stubborn and in a cult of Afrezza but I am also very knowledgable of diabetes and it treatments; I have done my research and possible downside of Afrezza. My investments are in for the long term, and will only add more on dipps, willing to go all eggs in the basket on this one. Most investment advice is to diversify but if you speak to those who have made it big, they all at one point in their careers have put nearly all eggs in one basket in something they strongly believed in.

        Risk is low for failure and reward is unlimited, there is absolutely no better potential in the market than Mnkd shares.

        You can bash all you want, but I for one will only add more shares.

    • Completely disagree with your assessment.

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