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  • crs2919 crs2919 Aug 21, 2014 12:07 AM Flag

    Who wins when the PPS flattens out?

    for the past 5 days, the pps hasn't moved much, also the intraday volatility is starting to flatten out as well as the volume. This flushes out the day traders, swingers, and weaker hands. The shorts lose money, because they are paying short interest to short mnkd. Now so who is buying up the shares?

    High chance value/ long term investors and big money, example funds, mms, wealthier private investors. We currently have no new rumors and no news. We have already seen the bottom, and by now the short term investors should have realized mnkd isn't the right play for them. It s for investors committing at least a minimum of 8 months, and for the ones who have the money to buy and stash for an extended period of time.

    As mnkd ers have seen, a big spike in price was followed by a bigger selloff, the swingers and day traders have outnumbered the longs(due to being a small biotech) and we couldnt maintain any solid forward momentum. The more commited long term investors buy in the more control we ll have on the PPS. The last thing we want is an artificial spike followed by another selloff, the longer the pps flattens or becomes less volatile with low volume(few sellers and shorts losing momentum) the better it is for the true longs.

    mnkd isn't just about potential anymore, now we are going into production and partner ( Sanofi) which is obviously bringing in a new set of investors. Once the batons are changed let s hope for a slow and steady climb. If you are expecting a quick flip mnkd isn't for you.

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