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  • kevinmik kevinmik Aug 21, 2014 10:13 AM Flag

    Mannkind Management Really Suck !


    The quiet period only apply's to the Sanofi agreement and there is still a lot of other areas management can openly talk about like updates about their existing deals with Colby, Tolero and Rose Pharma and what their plans going forward for their technology platform. What exactly is the company's business model and what exactly is their strategy to not only create long term shareholder value but start delivering value in the near term. So far management performance opposite creating shareholder value is terrible.

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    • They are busy golfing.
      It's beautiful weather and it's summer.
      Did you expect them to do anything else?

    • Kevin, you ve brought alot to this board and I do think you are a good guy. But your pumping posts brings the wrong type of investors and then your bashing posts are ehhhhh. Just stop posting or sell take a break. This really isnt healthy for you.

    • MNKD management is actually VERY good at making money off of retail longs.

      Their intent was just to get rich.

    • What else can they add, kev, other than what's already on their website? They are committed to bringing Afrezza to diabetics worldwide and to developing other partnerships with their patented Technosphere delivery system. They cannot talk about the new financials yet, but they did tell investors when that would be happening.

      Trust me, you don't want management to start pumping, just to keep shareholders happy. Another thing to consider is that nothing management can say about long term events will affect share prices. Wall Street is focused on short-term

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      • Now the shorts are giving Kevin cudo's, I try not to read the negative, and concentrate on the positive, s/he does post some really interesting articles, I just think Kevin had different expectations. You ever notice when you were a kid at Christmas, your parents would always save the best gift for last, mine would even take it one step further. We would open some on Christmas Eve, then we would leave milk and cookies out for Santa. Christmas Day we would open the rest, but that one present you were waiting for didn't show up, then after Christmas dinner they would drop the bomb and all my disappointment would turn to joy. I hope this makes your day better Kevin, when you are on point, you are a valuable tool for every long. Have a nice day. RSR And yes, you are entitled to your own opinion, you just don't have a very good poker face.

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      • I don't know holdem, Meg Whitmann has been all over CNBC this morning. Check out the stock price of HP. This management team says nothing to support us. They reward themselves with stock options and for what? Afrezza would have been approved the last go around with a competent management team. This nonsense of another buyer stepping in is just that-nonsense and wishful thinking. We have to hope Sanofi pushes this and we get blockbuster sales here. That's the only hope we have.

    • Kevin, Great post again.
      This is what shareholders need to question from this Management their lack of transparency. I have never seen a Management so lackadaisical about things- Are we always going to be using the “quite-period” as an excuse. While we as long shareholders try to dig as much research with little, updated info to fend off ignorant/negative bashers

      Now Sanofi own 65% of this deal; should we at least still think the rest of mnkd 35% owe us some info non-disclosure news going forward? I mean, if they want to be a traded public company this is what they signed up for; its time we see that this Management may need a cleanup going forward.
      C’mon, where is the enthusasim?

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    • Friend are you 'too' focused on the day-to-day? Me thinks so...well i have been there just gotta chill out and relax...maybe some good physical activity get yer mind off MNKD...'it' will 'happen' when it happens...not before...and so on and so forth...gotta be in for the longer-grind at this point....recall what some of the recent market value price forecasts are some as high as $16.00 a share---but not tomorrow....keep some can dollar average even a bit lower with these shares...then enjoy them as the prices SP starts an inexorable thankful....

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    • Now we as shareholders are starting to get a feel for why Matt Pfeffer, CFO, went on vacation, or is it "missing
      in action." I'll bet his voice mail is jammed full and his only way of dealing with it is: "Roberta hit the delete all
      button." Also, when once sighted, he will more than likely be wearing a "vasoline bucket on his back side!"

      Sentiment: Hold

    • The next revelation(s) will bring all the parts to assembly and release the pps from the monster's grip.

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      • Mike,
        Loyalty is a great quality to have . You have it towards MNKD without question.

        However, I don't think Al gives a hoot about the retail share holders and you should realize this by now.

        This has been demonstrated over the past 10 years.

        Wake up guy, there is NOT going to be a big surprise announcement etc., no statemeents from. Al in future about Afrezz? Sarnoff is the market driver of Afrezza now. To Sanofi, this is just a little deal of theirs that they hope does we'll but it is not a market shaker for them.

        IMHO the stock will not get over $10.00 for the next three years.

        MannKind has shown time and time again that the stock price is not a priority, why do you think that they will change their attitude?

      • I hope you're right, but I am becoming weary about management and I don't trust Alfred Mann. I think Al has his own agenda and we longs may not see the kind of return we are hoping. Seems like Wall Street also wants to see the company sold.

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