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  • alfredamus alfredamus Aug 23, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    What meal time diabetic drug with a black box warning for thyroid cancer did $1.11b in. Sales 1st year

    NVO's Victoza did in 2010 and sales climbed to around 1.7b in 2012 despite in 2011 the FDA published a warning that doctors were not fully aware of the risks of thyroid cancer and that Victoza also increased risk of pancreatitis which can also be deadly and in fact 1 patient died during FDA trials from pancreatic cancer according to drugwatch website. Victoza is not insulin but a GLP-1 like Byetta and Januvia which also have a history of causing pancreatitis and have several lawsuits against them. A nonprofit called Puplic Citizen went as far as petitioning the FDA to remove Victoza from the market and believes eventually all these type drugs will be banned. Shorts like to make an issue of the lung cancer warning for Afreeza but these drugs seem to sell regardless of there black box warnings.

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    • that is nice thank you makes everyone happy

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      • Everyone but the shorts evidently who have not even tried to dispute it as is their usual MO. Hard to dispute facts and what they imply for Afrezza which is the lung cancer warning which rate of lung cancer in trials was no more statistically than in general population will not deter diabetics from using Afreeza. cigarettes have had lung cancer warning for decades but millions of people still smoke and my guess would be that despite smokers being advised not to use Afreeza many smokers will anyway as they really don't care or they wouldn't be smoking to begin with and sure aren't going to worry about 2 or 3 puffs of Afreeza when they smoke a pack or 2 of cigarettes a day which is probably about 200 puffs per pack per day of hundreds of different chemicals releases due to being burned. Afreeza turns to liquid upon contact with lungs and enters bloodstream quickly so I don't see the lung issue deterring very many from using afreeza , smokers included.

    • Victoria did over $2b in sales for 2013 and Januvia did better at about $2.6b and it didn't do over a $1b 1st year it came out. Interestingly enough Lantus didn't do over $1b 1st year either yet it now is #1 selling insulin in history and #5 best selling drug overall with $7.5b in sales last year. Anyone care to guess what the #1 best selling drug was upon launch hitting a record $2.5b 1st qrt .....yes 1st qrt not yr.

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      • Where are the shorties today ? Seems they aren't to quick to dispute what is obvious from Victosa 1st year sales which is Afreeza will likely see $1b or more sales 1st yr. Victosa despite black box warning and slew of other nasty side effects and Public Citizen attempts to ban the drugs ( another petition filed last June) not to mention competition 4 other drugs in the GLP-1 space , Victoza sales continue to increase having doubled in annual sales since 1st yr launch. Afreeza will be only inhalaable insulin in its space and has no thyroid or pancreatitis issues and the lung cancer rate was no more than it is in general population. All this point to one thing ...shorts will be toasted to a crisp when 1st qrt and 1st year sales results are announced.

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