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  • bluebuick2003 bluebuick2003 Feb 10, 2009 7:58 PM Flag

    1000 Jan 2010 25 Puts

    i'm getting this sinking feeling. again. this feels alot like the slip from $32 to $28. it made it back up to $32 for just a bit then rolled back. i have a feeling that $28 is going to be the new $32. it'll take a while to get back there and it won't stay there for too long.

    i was buying below $32 way back. then i adjusted to under $28. wrote calls along the way. collected some good money so yield has been excellent. capital gains, not so much.

    now it looks like i'll be adding under $24 soon. i don't have much more $$ left before i hit my maximum exposure on a single stock.

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    • don't feel so bad
      this is the worst market i have seen
      bought my first stock as soon as i turned 18
      28 years ago
      this is a good one - picking the good ones is half the battle
      you can't rip van winkle stocks if you can't sleep at night
      if you were in c or bac you would be down 90% from their highs
      this could go lower but it won't be a permanent diminuation of value
      when your stomach says don't buy - that is usually the time to buy
      if it was easy everyone would be rich

      • 1 Reply to nomorehomes
      • nomorehomes, seriously.... Our parents and grandparents felt that way about financial stocks and real estate...(Look at both now).. Both still good investments but where and at what price!?! Buy, hold and wait positions carry A GREAT DEAL of risk no matter what the industry now a days!!! This should be apparent! If any lesson one should have learned in the current market is: BECAREFUL IN MARRYING ANY INVESTMENT POSITION! In any event, I say you are in for disappoint concerning KFT!!! jorgebush

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