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  • neeljak neeljak Feb 26, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    Spin off taxes?

    (thanks) OK, but what if one of the new companies gets sold, or took over, for cash? Is a stock option always included?

    (politics) I'm a Romney voter. The last thing I want is to be forced to take a profit, untill Romney's capital gains policy goes into effect.
    If republicans want to kill class warfare and BUM-RUSH ECONOMICS they will back The Romney capital gains policy.
    They make a good point that Romney giving people, making under $200,000 a year, a targeted tax break is class warfare but getting the little guy in the game will help all investers and get people of all income levels looking at the same bottom line.

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    • Wow, they haven't announced the details of this spin off and already your worried about taxes on the cash buyout of a company that doesn't yet exist. Chill out, wait for the details of this transaction, and decide what to do when you have facts.

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      • Chill out? No thanks. I'll try to stay ahead of the game if you don't mind. There's a posibility that "now" is the time to make a move.
        Don't follow the herd and "don't bet on history, everyone can see it comming" (Neeljac) I'm suspicious they might want to pump & dump a few products.
        I jumped on KFT in early April 09. "If it wasn't for taxes I'd probably be gone". My frozen dividend has went from 5.17% to 3%. As good as I'm doing with KFT's stock price, I wish I would have picked something else during the turkey-shoot of early 09. This is the most unfriendly to the holder stock I own. When I think of the CEO I think of a person who is out to screw me.

    • I'm thinking that Romney's 0% capital gains tax (for people making less than $200,000) passing will cause a bubble popping corection. Romney riders will finally do some healthy profit taking. It should create a great low/middle income buying opportunity.

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