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  • alcdawes alcdawes Apr 12, 2011 9:49 AM Flag

    Shorted this pig at $14.5

    Might be able to play GFA both ways at this point....

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    • It was good move. I contended to sell mine near this because I found it expensive. BSBR is now a better buy but I did not add to my already huge position in this. Now I wait for a massive market event which may just won't happen, to bring BSBR under 10$ and then mamamyia I am going to buy big from my Canada hotspot and hopefully with CAD/USD well higher than now.

    • well, i'm please to read the correction. I watch commodities in a broad sense as it relates to brazil, but I have to admit to be only a trader and relying on GFA's chart to make my decision as I am a fundamental novice. the closest i come to Brazil has been two trips (rio and porto seguro), and soon to be a third with my fiance from argentina. in the end, i'd actually love to buy some real estate in Brazil (rio) at some time, which drew me to trading this stock. But, all personal data aside. have a good weekend everyone; my office is vacant right now which means i'm slacking off and leaving in t-minus 2 hours.

    • good luck to you, i'm playing the other side of this, but having sold call options on my shares.

    • Nice move. The Brasilia market is definitely starting to soften, though cooling policies enacted to date don't seem to be impeding consumption very much. If QE is ended, the USD will almost certainly strengthen as well, creating currency risks.

      I'm still mostly cash (continuing to hold ELP and ABV) and looking for a re-entry point in IRE. Possibly today. Probably tomorrow or Thursday.


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      • I think we'll see GFA move in a range from here on out. That was a solid breakout but sustaining that momentum is another question. I think there are far too many shorts lurking out there who know that GFA is good for a smack down each and every time it lifts its head.

        It was interesting to note that home loans were excluded from the recently announced taxes aimed at constraining inflation and weakening the Real. That's fairly bullish for the housing market but Brazilians are quickly coming to realize that they are indeed in a bubble, in many aspects.

        Seeing the Real at 1.56 (briefly) was hard to see because I'm due to head that way soon and cannot begin to imagine how expensive Rio is going to be now. Oh won't be as hard on me as it's going to be on manufacturers who are going to be destroyed by this....

        Dilma between rock and hard place with her constituency....

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