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  • zoharcante zoharcante Jul 22, 2011 2:08 PM Flag

    I am not abasher adn in fact planning to buy more shares on Monday


    I've been here since January

    how long have you been here

    wow yes I am a basher
    sneaking around as a long
    getting paid 100 a day to sneakily bash

    you are brilliant you figured it out

    you must be a wall stret genius

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    • Craig Ireland ...aka columbo calls almost everyone a basher . The exception is Lou and this guy wolf . Half his posts are ahoooooooooo. He is the famous poster on Facebook and yahoo that said the lenders are now shareholders. That they agreed to 18 million shares at 15 cents . Or it was 15 million @ 18 . He is off by about 300 million shares . Ahooooooo Craig .