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  • rlbeard6734 rlbeard6734 Dec 21, 2010 5:45 PM Flag


    I got out at 20.40 and switched funds to CLF which is up 14% since i switched. This definitely looked tired and the dividend was not enough to keep me here. Still a good stock but upside appeared to be limited and timing has turned out to be accurate. this had its run up and now it is just a CD with a high rate. fine for some but not near the goal I set for myself for hte next year. also have picked up some LNCR for potential growth.

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    • Happy for your good fortune and wish you good luck.As you stated management is top notch here and that is why I am staying .The hedges are favorable through 2013. I believe that management will make an accretive acquistion with the 100 million from the recent offering The D/Ebitda is close to 3 or less so they have some acquistion options without violating any covenants or lending base problems.They won't stand still and I would guess that the adj Ebitda will exceed the top of their range for 2011 and be even higher in 2012 They are just that good but still conservative. P.S. I exited EVEP a day before their 2ndary and closed out a large position with a huge profit and put it into Line but didn't post it on the EVEP message board.Considered myself lucky not good

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      • thank you for your comments, I wasnt bragging but giving my opinion on what I expected would happen here and why I was selling, so far it seems to be on track as this is about the same place as 3 months ago and my other 3 picks, CLF, Chsi, and Lncr are up a minimum of 20 to 60%, more in line with the goals I set for myself, I dont always reach them but I try. GlTu that have stayed and good returns. I just exited half of my COP at 79 a week ago as I see near term lower oil prices before we begin our upward climb again.

    • I like this CD since I'm retired, better than the bank.

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      • than $2 in value, while you will be collecting about $1.70 in not even doing as well as the banks.....This is a $20 area stock.....get used to it and sorry for you if you did not unload part of it when it was close to $23........what goes up does come down.....I like this at $20 or less....if you want yield you should be in the m-reit sector as they have held up far better than the energy stocks...and the yield is about 50% higher than owning this stock at current price.

      • much better than the bank and a lot of other stocks. my 85 yo dad is only getting 1% at the bank. and for that it is fine til interest rates start to climb, then if oil outpaces you will be okay but at some point as rates climb this will decline faster than the payouts. GLTU

    • rl thought you still held couple thousand units of bbep

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      • a few days later I liquidated it also and switched to clf, I felt it would do better in next yr with great earnings growth. I dont want to upset anyone, because I really do like the management of this company but I see little upside at this point and difficulty in increasing distribution enough to get the price increase needed for me. the things I worry about most are
        1) interest rates going up faster than distribution
        2) less ability to hedge gas production and income falling, offset by increasing oil prices
        3) rising costs
        4) earnings staying stable or only increasing slightly
        I know that one claims to have me on ignore but then how did he respond and that is his right, I have enjoyed the knowledgable people here and sooner or later I will be back as I have stated management is one of my highest criteria on investment and this one is absolutely suprerior IMO. But I am looking for stocks that can return 25% or more next year and I will be happy with a 15% return but I just dont see it here. I have been in this stock through ups and downs, just dont want anymore downs or sideways. Wish everyone luck, but still happy with my decision so far. My favorites right now are AAPL, CHSI, FRX, cop, CLF, LNCR, and one real speculative RODM. BBEp went up tremendously this last yr after working through some financial setbacks, restarting its distribution and now is at a level that will need more internal growth to sustain its rate of growth. Does anyone really see the distribution increasing 25% this year? Lets say it increases 5% then you can expect a 12 to 13% return which is very good just not what I am aiming for at this point.

    • I'm glad I put you on ignore.

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      • are you still glad you put me on ignore, sold at 20.4 and it is at 17.5 went to 15 meanwhile I buy clf at 72 sell at 90.5 buy Chsi at 33 sell at 69 and you give more than your distribution back. Had I had it on alert though I would have bought back in at 15

      • I am glad you put me on ignore also, hate to give good advice to idiots, it is such a waste. I was not bad mouthing this stock but expressing the suggestion that it had run its course and had limited upside but still a good distribution. So far 3 months later it has still not moved from where I sold it and even though clf has taken a hit I am still up 20% in it and 20% in Lncr and 60% in Chsi. That beats the distribution and doesnt count their dividends. The point was not that this stock or management was bad but that it was unlikely to repeat the returns of the last year. After last earnings I would say that is spot on. I thought these boards where for learning and exchange of ideas at best.

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