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  • koleffstephan koleffstephan Dec 16, 2011 5:16 AM Flag

    UBTI-Unrelated Business Tax Income

    Does anyone know how much UBTI was declared for Breitburn, in the year of 2010 (last year), for every 1000 shares that an investor owned? I am thinking about investing in BBEP for my retirement account (yes, I have already read the tax pitfalls in using an MLP to invest in an IRA), and I would like to know how much the UBTI was, for the year of 2010, for every 1000 shares that an investor owned, to determine how much tax I would have had to pay on the shares. Thank you for your help.

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    • $1,916 per 1000 shares for my account.My IRA is about 60% MLP's very happy I made the decision about 7 years ago to Invest in MLp's. Yes even in my IRA!Do your own DD.My CPA has checked my account every year and the cumulative UBTI has been negative by several thousands every year.I understand that I may pay tax in a tax advantaged account.I still like my returns.

    • "to determine how much tax I would have had to pay on the shares"

      FWIW, UBTI is:

      o Highly variable

      o Unpredictable

      o Unique to an investment's specifics

      o In general, E&Ps will have high/higher positive UBTI than other sectors

      o Historically BBEP has had very high positive UBTI

      IMO, you are contemplating purchasing one of the worst MLPs (from a UBTI perspective) among the worst investment type (MLP) for your IRA.

      The above does not specifically answer your question, but even if someone gives you THEIR 2010 UBTI number ... you could not, with any degree of certainty, determine your tax.

      Hope this may help in some small way.


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