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  • strum_this strum_this Feb 3, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    a little over a year ago

    Please tell us all what is wrong with a 9% CD that has deferred taxation. I must be missing something.

    Congrats on your APPL. It's a great company - maybe even the best company. I'm sure you had absolutely no losers in your portfolio to offset some of those gains.

    By the way, "I told you so" is crass. Prepare for more one-star ratings.

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    • the point was you lost your dividend last yr in the stock price going down as others stated was all they wanted as you are stating now. so if the stock goes to 17 you will have no income again. I dont like saying I told you so but that is the case and as now I will take flak and next yr you can so I was wrong as you are now or I will say I told you so again. I hope I am wrong as I own a large position in a NG drilling private partnership and what is good for BBEP is good for me although my distributions are higher and there is no liquidity to sell. Bear calls are never popular but sometimes you should listen and offer reasons not. The reasons last year proved to be wrong. What reason do you have this year? NG prices are in the pits, with the economy improving it will improve Obamas chance of reelection which will not be good for NG as his good friend Buffett hauls coal. Interest rates will increase. What will improve earnings to increase the yield to bring a higher stock price. illuminate me rather than state the distribution is all you need as it can disappear in stock loss. you pay taxes on part of the distributions and may not get to deduct the stock loss. Yes I had some losses but I still netted 20% on my acct in jan mostly due to aapl spreads. up only 3% so far in feb but that could turn. taking some profits to put into cash.

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