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  • rngmsl rngmsl Apr 20, 2011 2:38 PM Flag

    Anyone remember the JV with Wartsila?

    Now Yuchai has a marine division but nothing like what they're going to have with a non completing partner.(non-compete is the key words here)

    "Wärtsilä and Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power sign licence agreement for manufacturing low-speed engines in China"

    A few pulls from the article.

    "The agreement grants Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power the right to manufacture all sizes of Wärtsilä RT-flex modern low-speed engine types at its new factory in Zhuhai City, Guangdong province. However, Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power will focus on engines of 35 to 50 cm cylinder bore. The main attraction of the new licence agreement for Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power is Wärtsilä’s programme of RT-flex engines with common-rail technology."

    Humm, how big is a 50cm cylinder?...a piston that's about 19 5/8 in dynamiter

    "The new licensee is located at Zhuhai City in Guangdong Province. Founded in 1951, Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group, the parent company of the new licensee, is located at Yulin City in Guangxi province in south-west China. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group is the largest manufacturer of and the market leader for automotive four-stroke diesel engines in China. The new licensee is building a new factory on a 330,000 m2 site at Fushan Industry Zone, Zhuhai City, for the manufacture of low-speed engines. The new factory will have an initial capacity to build engines with an aggregate output of about 1.2 million brake horsepower (885 MW), later increasing to three million bhp (2205 MW)."

    How big is the new factory?...about 83 acres.

    How many engines will it take to produce 3 million brake horsepower's worth? (brake horsepower is the rating of the engine before a gearbox, transmission, propeller,ect. is attached)

    When will these huge engines start coming off the assembly line? about 7 months.

    A very high margin endeavor.

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    • ..and both are based in Yulin City?

      Weird coincidence!

    • GYMCL (Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Company, Ltd.) is different than GYMGL (Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group, Ltd.)

      The key words are "Company" versus "Group".

      I don't think it is part of CYD.

      I wish it were...but I don't think it is.

    • shufenglin Apr 20, 2011 9:58 PM Flag

      Who is Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power Co Ltd? It's a subsidiary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co Ltd, - Invested by Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co Ltd. 公司位于美丽的“百岛之市”——珠海,由广西玉柴机器集团有限公司投资,生产和销售低速大功率船用柴油机。

      Who is Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co Ltd? It's the parent company of Yuchai Group, and GYMCL (Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co Ltd) is a subsidiary of Yuchai Group. WTF! - It's fishy. I don't like it. 玉柴机器集团有限公司(简称玉柴集团公司),是一家国有全资公司,是玉柴集团的母公司,玉柴集团公司采用母子公司组织架构,有效运用国有资产的多种实现形式,充分利用一切有利于发展的社会资源,形成了多种所有制友好共存共同发展的多样性所有制结构,是一家通过资产这一纽带实施战略、文化、品牌经营的大型现代企业集团。

    • Jaarc,

      Maybe you should chat with Peter about this subject. Everything I'm reading is pointing to GYMGL

      "Wärtsilä Corporation and Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Group Co Ltd, have jointly signed a licence agreement for the manufacture and sale of Wärtsilä RT-flex low-speed marine diesel engines by Zhuhai Yuchai Marine Power in China."

    • CYD does make marine engines, but "Zhuhai" is nowhere to be found in the 2009 Form 20-F Annual report.

      There are 14 instances of the word "marine".

      Here are the most relevant:

      Marine (engines) YC6112, YC6015/08, YC4108C, YC6M, YC6A/6B, 6T, 6C

      YC6T, YC6C
      The 16 liter, 6-cylinder engine is used for marine propulsion, power generators, construction and mine trucks.

      YC6T rated at 360-600PS is suited for construction applications.

      YC6T/YC6C has a wide application in marine propulsion, power generators, construction and mine trucks.

      The ratings for YC6T are 404-440KW at 1500 rpm is for power generation, 290-396KW at 1500-1800 rpm is for marine applications and 350-540PS at 1350 rpm is for marine propulsion.

      YC6C will provide 680-850 KW at 1500 rpm for power generation, 560-680 KW at 1500 rpm for marine propulsion.

      YC6C and YC6T are our latest products in marine engines and power generators and were scheduled for commercial production at the end of 2009. This has been rescheduled for mid 2011.

    • And this link...

      has the following statement.

      Yuchai entered agreement with BOSCH,Caterpillar,Wartsila and so on international suppliers to center onself -development,link up with the world's latest advanced technology and back up by strong R & D for many years.

    • shufenglin Apr 20, 2011 4:35 PM Flag

      A very promising JV.

      1. Is it part of the GYMCL, where we own 76.4%?

      2. It sounded important; why Yan Ping is not there in the signing ceremony?

    • Text version of page 32 ("Engines" starts on page 32) of the PDF file (You have got to see the picture on this page!) found at the bottom of the following link...,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9bdb008e51ef34cf

      The link starts out as

      Wärtsilä RT-flex engines are low-speed two-stroke engines that provide
      optimum prime movers for the propulsion of ships of all sizes with direct drive
      of propellers and high overall economy.

      The Wärtsilä RT-flex engines are based on the Wärtsilä RTA series but have
      fully electronically-controlled common-rail systems for fuel injection, exhaust
      valve actuation and starting. Their benefits to shipowners and operators may
      be summarized as:

      Optimum powers and speeds to match ship requirements

      Competitive first cost


      From page 47...


      All dimensions are in millimetres and are not binding.
      The engine weight is net in metric tonnes (t), without oil and water, and is
      not binding.

      All brake specific fuel consumptions (BSFC) are quoted for fuel of lower
      calorific value 42.7 MJ/kg, and for ISO standard reference conditions
      (ISO 15550 and 3046).

      The BSFC figures for Wärtsilä engines are given with a tolerance of +5%.

      Wärtsilä RT-flex engines have a lower part-load fuel consumption than
      the corresponding Wärtsilä RTA engines. Wärtsilä RT-flex engines are also
      available with Delta Tuning and the RT-flex82C and RT-flex96C also with Low-
      Load Tuning for even lower part-load fuel consumptions (see chart). Low-Load
      Tuning will also be introduced to the other RT-flex engines in the portfolio.
      Delta Tuning and Low-Load Tuning both take advantage of the complete
      flexibility in engine setting provided by the RT-flex common-rail system to
      optimize fuel injection pressures and timing at all loads. Delta Tuning focuses
      on reducing BSFC in the operating range below 90% engine load.


      Standard tuning

      Delta tuning

      Low-load tuning


      Typical BSFC curves to illustrate Standard Tuning, Delta Tuning and Low-Load Tuning.

      • 1 Reply to jaarc.rm
      • From page 34...I am pretty sure that this is the smallest of these engines.

        WÄRTSILÄ RT-flex35 IMO Tier II
        Main data:

        Cylinder bore ..................................350 mm Fuel specification:
        Piston stroke................................. 1550 mm Fuel oil ....................................700 cSt/50°C
        Speed .....................................142–167 rpm ISO-F 8217:2005,
        Mean effective pressure at R1........21.0 bar category ISO-RMK700
        Piston speed....................................8.6 m/s

        Rated power, principal dimensions and weights

        Output in kW at
        Length A Weight
        Cyl. 167 rpm 142 rpm mm tonnes

        R1 R2 R3 R4

        5 4 350 3 475 3 700 3 475 4 434 69

        6 5 220 4 170 4 440 4 170 5 046 80

        7 6 090 4 865 5 180 4 865 5 658 90

        8 6 960 5 560 5 920 5 560 6 270 98

        Dimensions B C D E F* G
        mm 2 264 830 5 556 1 220 6 850 1 326

        Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) in g/kWh

        Full load

        Rating point R1 R2 R3 R4

        BMEP, bar 21.0 16.8 21.0 19.8

        BSFC RT-flex Standard Tuning 176 170 176 174

        Part load, % of R1 85 70 85 70 60

        RT-flex tuning variant Standard Standard Delta Delta Low-Load

        BSFC 172.4 172.0 171.7 170.5 169.5

        * Standard piston dismantling height, can be reduced with tilted piston withdrawal.
        For definitions see page 47.


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