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  • tamatjab tamatjab Feb 27, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    ZD Worst Investor of All Time

    Lost all credibility holding his 500 shares... That was fun, learning from you CHKO!

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    • tam...missed any recent posts from you....your position and outlook? ZD provides us with calculated comments. Probable selling price ZD and then re entry price. You will never leave this entirely.

    • Yes, for investing vtg over the last 18mos would certainly qualify. Im not sure how everyone else measures success, its certainly not about putting ships in the water at any cost. The stock price doesnt lie, the accounting for book doesnt lie and there has been no value created despite all the activity by mgt. Activity doesnt equal results. Bottom line, vtg has underperformed dramatically at this point. If you cant recognize that then try buying index funds.

    • I've known Chko the Clown now for a year and a half. To say that you are learning from him is the joke of the day. You must be the most un-educated person around if you learn something for him. Give yourself more credit than that. He couldn't pick the winner of a One Horse Race. Adding to that, I wouldn't trust anything he typed if his fingers came notarized . Dinner at Mickey D's Chko maybe take it to go to your Single Wide ?

      • 1 Reply to kanola2007
      • I'm 100% sure I can do MUCH better then you in the stock market ! Your top message and the recent you posted on "VTG on the uptick" just tells me you are clueless on Vantage.
        - Vantage is done with ordering any newbuilds and they already have the cash on-hand for Tungsten. Braggs even mentioned this in the CC ! Anything new WILL BE JV's.
        - The 4 jackups, 3 drillships, and customer contracts will make the company profitable.
        - Increase in JACKUP rates also helps the balance sheet !
        - The JV drillship ready Q4 2015 is more of a long term play & payment will be minimal. Also a good long term money maker & investment.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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