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  • chkotime chkotime Apr 9, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    Bragg's & company...

    Looks like top management including Bragg' s out of the country. Don't know how long they have been out of the office but would think they are in S. Korea for Tungsten initiation & hopefully more !
    Maybe SU & Braggs can cut a deal on lawsuit & Braggs drops the suit ! The perfect time !
    This would be the wild card for investors and positive for company & investors including SU !

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    • Why would SU ever cut a deal? VTG is his best asset. If he was smart once the assets are all drilling he should proxy to remove Bragg.

    • Keep dreaming. Bragg doesnt have a case against SU. He did a bad deal and screwed up on the construction oversight. International courts would take years to work through. It will be a joke if he flys to South Korea on our dime for a ceremony without the contract for Tungsten. Cant believe he missed the peak of the market.

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      • If things were so bad between SU & Bragg's that a deal is impossible then why even fly to S. Korea to bust a bottle over the ship ? Anyone of his staff can do that !!!!!! Why fly to see someone you sueing ??? There must be more going on...

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      • So there hasn't been much to say here for a few weeks since there hasn't been and news. But it's has never been operations or contracts that have held VTG back. 99% uptime on the jack ups, mid 90s on the Platinum, are how VTG is judged. The first 4 months of Titanium probably have little impact on Braggs rep. There is a reason VTG was hired to manage the operations for Oro. The biggest issues for VTG as to why the stock has been held back is from capital needs. Watching this stock on a daily basis will drive you insane. The volume has been low and all the drillers are down. The stock is really floundering rather than establishing direction. And missed he top of the market? Mid 600s for tungsten is pretty solid and near top. Delay probably involves ironing out the interim drill campaign with the LOA. Maybe they will line up the contract with the naming ceremony. It's all idle speculation and the volume in the stock showss that the market is as clueless as we are.

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