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  • kimick61 kimick61 Sep 21, 2004 1:42 AM Flag

    Kill all the Muslims

    So a group of Muslims beheaded an American today.

    This shows that all Muslims must be removed from our society.

    The bad ones must be killed outright -- no mercy, they are vermin that must be eliminated.

    The better-than-bad ones must be eliminated because they seem to just tolerate the bad element within their ranks.

    Want to know where the weapons of mass destruction are hidden? Just break down the doors of the Mosces.

    These people will slit the throats of any cruiser and have sex with their dead bodies.

    Refuse to cruise on any boat with Moslems aboard.

    Your life is at risk with these scumbags around.

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    • Kong. Is that your real name? Are you Asian? Remember when most Americans hated Asians? They were considered all evil? Couldn't trust them.

      Anyhow.....If you read any of my past rants on here you would know that I have been on 17+ cruises on Royal Caribbean and none of my cabin men or women were Muslim. And by the way the behead their own kind to. They have public beheadings. That is their way. Not that I agree with it. And there are good Muslims that are trying to get these hostages released alive. You are another uninformed idiot.

    • You are an idiot.

    • LOL! You are a freak.

    • I strongly agree with this board that the Muslim element is a bloodthirsty lot that hates America and Americans and everything we stand for.

      I will never sleep at all knowing that a Muslim cabinboy has the passkey to get in and harm me while I sleep.

      These slimeballs think they can get their way by beheading a few of our kind. I just makes us want to kill all of them instead.

      And there are apparently no "good" Muslims who would stand up to the bad element in their ranks.

      So they must be all of the same feather -- and deserve the same treatment.

      That Muslim Cat Stevens should never been allowed on a plane.

    • Just look at how they will behead anyone that they want to use for their own purposes.

      They want Dr. Germ to be released.

      Would that be a stupid thing to do?

    • In a previous life I died on a cruise ship.

      It is true.

      A muslim cabin boy had sex with my dead body.

      I could see it as if I was above, looking down. Then the silver cord connecting me to my lifeless violated corpse snapped and I that is the last thing I remember.

    • I said THIS country(AMERICA)is founded on freedom of speech and religion. Rushdie has nothing to do with what THIS country was founded on.

      I am the scar? The scar on what? And what charges? I never said any Muslim country had freedom of speech or that they treat women well. And obviously you have never been to Turkey because they treat women like crap there as well. What party line do you think I am spewing? I am "spewing" my own opinions.
      Obviously you have some pent up aggression there buddy.Try jogging or seeing a movie..a comedy maybe.
      You sound a little nuts. Or maybe you and Kimick are sharing the moonshine! Who can tell.

    • ...that Kimick is an idiot and any discussion started by one of her(?) posts would be more appropriate for Usenet.

    • You are the scarYou answered none of the charges and make the same false statements we have heard before. Invading Iraq will anger the Muslim world, particularly Iraq. The Muslim world hated us before the invasion. I do agree now that Husein should have been left alone and allowed to continue his rule.
      Freedom of Speech??? How about Soloman Rushdie? Name 3 Muslim countries where freedom of speech is allowed? Where freedom of religion is allowed? Where woman are treated as human and not chattel (similar to dogs)? Maybe, partly, Turkey? Answer the questions -don't spew the party line.

    • The results of the first ever national vote in Iraq are in. You should feel better knowing that they unanamously voted to never have sex with your body-living or dead. It is further my understanding that the UN has also voted and all 190 members afreed with Iraq. Is it true that your replacement brain also rejected your body?

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