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  • no_cash_no_buy no_cash_no_buy Nov 3, 2011 5:58 PM Flag

    MSFT small smartphone player, AAPL/RIMM BIG DEALS

    MSFT has a bigger phone history, unluckily has become tinny smartphone player simply because of their mgmt slow secession on smartphone.

    AAPL, RIMM are bigger smartphone player, more volume shipments, therefore, waits OPWV's bigger payday.

    MSFT has longer phone history than RIMM/AAPL, therefore more than validates OPWV's suits against AAPL/RIMM, and don't forget even bigger pay day from Google or may be outright buyout by them.

    Google might be getting special treatment maybe, due to early help and guidance to Openwave in this patent matter, or might have already agreed to have first option to buyout Openwave if they keep proving patent values.

    Anyway you slice it, Openwave has enviable patent values in smartphone. That is being proven right now

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    • So, what does this mean for OPWV price per share tomorrow?

    • Also, MS just has OS and does not manufacture devices.

      Device manufactures are totally different ballgame. Think RIMM (device/OS), APPLE (device/os), HTC, NOK, samsung etc.

      The very fact that they mentioned device manufacturers first in their prepared remarks means they expect more from them. Also, think phones/ipads and every device that talks to the internet.

      Wow I just can't fathom the upside potential. As they say, they invented mobile internet. How big is that?

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      • If MSFT of all their patent portfolios, including Nortel's is forced to settle, can you believe RIMM/AAPL, how they have to do it too.

        These guys have been stealing Openwave innovation in web access technology for cell phones. It's time to pay.

        LMAO, AAPL is going around suing everyone of Android, and here AAPL is caught stealing Openwave patents.

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