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  • maky_canuck maky_canuck May 19, 2000 3:40 PM Flag

    MEGA volume today.....


    no appreciable price change. Dogfather, start barking.

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    • the month you want to see trading. The prices are listed down the left side if I recall.

    • Oh baybee!

      Here is a reprint of a post I
      made on the EOG board re: SSB raising price targest
      for BR and EOG!!!!

      "Financial discipline" is
      in vogue among E&P companies. In essence - they are
      saying - if you expect us to go nuts overspending this
      cycle - driving the price of gas way back down - think

      Having been burned in the last cycle by this over
      spending - most companies are pressing forward with their
      exploration budgets but not wildly increasing them. The
      result IMHO will be higher, more sustainable commodity
      prices for a longer period of time.

      This is
      better news for the E&P companies and somewhat less
      bullish news for the drillers, equipment makers and field
      services companies. Hence, I believe it was Morgan Stanley
      that downgraded SLB and SII - but this is what he
      said. He said this is a routine valuation call - AND HE

      So - SLB and SII perhaps need to rest and let the
      E&P group catch up with them. The E&P group (I own
      EOG and BR as the two purest natural gas E&P big cap
      stocks I can find) began this current rally from a very
      depressed level - and IMHO are still UNDERVALUED relative
      to the surging price for natural gas.

      believe you are correct - NG E&P companies have tons more

      On Friday - Salomon Smith Barney agreed with your
      observation. On Friday, because of the increase in Natural Gas
      price - SSB raised its target for EOG from $34 to $42
      (yeah!!!) and raised its target for Burlington Resources -
      BR - from $48 to $56 (go baybee go!!!)

      Stewart on the Ameritrade commercial says - "That is 8
      Bucks, my man!" Salomon Smith Barney says the recent
      increase in natural gas warrants an additional $8 in value
      to each of these leaders (EOG and BR) in the natural
      gas E&P sector.

      Can you dig it?

    • on the strip.

      Good luck!

    • ``There was a concern that oil could fall to $18
      or $20 a barrel after the OPEC agreement,'' said
      Bill Featherston, an analyst with PaineWebber.
      ``Anything north of that is now considered

      While stronger commodity prices have done little for
      the industry's powerhouses -- shares of Exxon Mobil
      Corp. (NYSE:XOM - news), Chevron Corp. (NYSE:CHV -
      news), and Texaco Inc. (NYSE:TX - news) have barely
      budged in the last year -- they have made smaller
      exploration and production firms look something like the once
      high-flying technology companies.

      Shares of Oklahoma
      City-based Devon, for instance, are up 80 percent since the
      start of the year. Apache has risen 67 percent and
      shares of Enron Oil and Gas (EOG) (NYSE:EOG - news) have
      more than doubled. Both Apache and EOG are based in

      ``These companies are going to generate huge earnings,
      and now they're even starting to attract momentum
      players,'' said Wheeler. ``It will qualify as an awesome
      growth story.''

      Bigger Isn'T Better

      the so-called major integrated oil companies, most
      exploration and production firms focus solely on finding and
      producing hydrocarbons. They do not refine oil and sell
      gasoline, nor do they make petrochemicals.

      companies tend to be relatively pure commodity plays,''
      said Pace.

      ``The integrated are just that --
      integrated. They are influenced by refining and marketing as
      well as chemicals,'' he said, adding that for the most
      part smaller companies are also better growth plays
      than the oil majors.

      Pace, in fact, believes
      exploration and production stocks could rise another 20 to 30
      percent before hitting historic valuation

      North of the boarder, Canada's independent oil and gas
      producers are also enjoying the good times.

      Toronto Stock Exchange's oil and gas index stands at
      7,842 points, up about 36 percent from start of year,
      and fast is approaching the all-time high it set in
      October 1997.

      Like their counterparts in the
      United States, Alberta Energy (Toronto:AEC.TO - news),
      Anderson Exploration (Toronto:AXL.TO - news), Canadian
      Natural Resources (Toronto:CNQ.TO - news), and Talisman
      Energy TLM.TO) are all at -- or near -- record

      ``I guess we're finally getting our 15 minutes in the
      sun,'' said Deutsche Banc Alex.Brown's Wheeler.

      Source - Yahoo news - see EOG or any other specifically
      named stock on the board.

    • 44 5/8 that I saw. It looked to be a sell. There is probably some arbitrage involved because it seemingly had no effect.

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