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  • dontdropyourlunch dontdropyourlunch Jun 3, 2000 7:24 PM Flag

    thanks to tech rally i got some @$41.5

    i originally bought a few thousand shares of br
    at 30 when it was on its way to $25. around 39 or 40
    i sold some calls at 42.5 (a mistake) and let the
    br go in May rather than buy the calls back. this
    stock acts so squirrelly i figured i could buy it back
    somewhere below 43.5 before it went over 47.5 then on up.
    so a couple of weeks ago i put in a trash bid gtc
    for 1000 shares at 41.5. i bought some yesterday at
    43 to make Sure i got it, but i was so happy that it
    went off at 41.5 also. did more than 1000 shares go
    off at 41.5?

    i thank the tech rally for
    gifting me these br shares, because i do think that's why
    the oils in general tanked off their recent highs.
    some i think paniced and sold off oils/gas to get back
    into tech or to double down to try to get their tech
    losses back to break even. anyway i think the blowout
    earnings in the oil and gas biz coming up after june
    closes will get the street back into oil/gas in a bigger
    way than we have seen. i am not slamming tech stocks.
    i loved them. i am a technologist in the chip and
    wireless biz, and i used to have a lot of tech. i only
    have one tech now (which i loved too much), and i am
    planning to sell it out to some anxious buyer if we can
    keep the tech rally going for a few more weeks or

    in 2000 br seems to want to get its balance sheet
    pretty, its cash flow much higher, and earnings per share
    up so the street will like it better or a takeover
    buyer will pay up. br delivers the most gas already, so
    (assuming gas stays high and higher -- i think this is a
    great assumption) br would want to let time take some
    hedges off so they can get more gas delivered in the
    $3-4 range. this appears to be happening and will
    really improve the balance sheet/earnings. did you see
    that $50M of br's earnings last quarter were eaten up
    by interest (it was $187M minus $50M = $137M as i
    recall (correct me if wrong)). getting rid of some of
    that debt with the improved cash flow will help
    earnings a lot. buying back the shares as announced on
    june 2, will help the earnings per share also. if all
    these things happen, br will probably more aggressively
    drill in 2001 (why drill now to get more reserves. they
    bought huge reserves last year with poco). i like what
    br is doing with their new found money, and i think
    the actions will make for a stronger company and a
    stronger stock price. if the people who sold out br friday
    were doing it to play the tech side, they should be
    very nimble or they may not have as much money when
    they want to come back into br.

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