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  • xarmy94 xarmy94 Jun 20, 2000 3:57 PM Flag

    that's the sound.....

    of the other shoe dropping folks...

    my old
    buddy from that previous story told me he sold it at
    $39 5/16, only to see it rebound by day's end to

    My poor friend, and i do mean my POOR



    ps.....dogfather, fast owl, ag, etc,,,,since you have enthralled
    the board with tales of BR going up and the reasons
    for such a move, perhaps we could prevail upon either
    of you learned persons to envision scenarios where
    the opposite could happen, play the devil's
    advocate,if you will. I for one would be grateful for your
    spin on both sides of the BR story.

    carefully, the world is watching.

    Lest there be any
    misunderstanding,I am not trying to be funny,i am interested in your

    thanks and best regards


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    • mark! Behind the copier, in the kitchen galley, in the family quarters, there probably is no difference!

    • 1) Sharp recession curtails industrial

      2) Coldest summer on record

      3) No

      4) BR makes an ill advised acquisition

      5) BR
      increases its Capital spending and increases its drilling
      record to 0-20.

      6) Nuclear war

      Accounting irregularities

      8) Management fraud - with
      the CEO or CFO absconding with the funds

      9) BR
      takes a naked short position on natural gas and loses
      the company

      10) The DOE imposes emergency
      price controls and bring gas price back down to

      11) The injectsion report suddenly reflects huge new

      12) Clean air laws are repealed - and
      utilities can burn all the high emission coal and oil they

      13) Fuel cells sweep the contry and they use hydrogen
      for fuel - demand for natural gas

      14) Breakthrough it solar technology make natural gas

      15) Another warm winter

      16) Significant
      expansion of drilling rigs

      17) Significant fuel
      switching away from gas

      18) A huge technology rally
      drawing money away from gas stocks.

      19) Towne
      Lyier goes long BR again

      These are some
      of the things that could go wrong with my Nirvana


      For me - my money is betting on continued strong
      demand for gas from gas turbines - a very hot summer -
      lots of hurricanes - a shortage of gas this winter -
      and limited increase in supply because rig count and
      labor is stretched to capacity already.

      I say BR
      is a buy at these prices and that gas prices are
      going to remain high for quite a while.

      But for
      those who are searching for something to worry about -
      there is always something that can go

      Best of luck!

    • however all other months through 03/01 closed up,
      recovering some of yesterdays losses.

      I think the
      entire sector is suffering from OPEC hangover. Since
      they meet tomorrow, we should be able to put this
      behind us when the analysts weigh in on the subject in
      the AM. I suspect they will talk more about refining
      capacity limits than increased production.

      looking over the refiners?

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