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  • allgamachee303 allgamachee303 Jul 18, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    dont know what BAC saw to downgrade

    but everything that Ive seen says things are better than expected and going gangbusters. I was a bit scared before china got settled but am thinking NUS will be over 100 this time next year easily , maybe even the end of this year. Gotta love the volitiility. NUS is FAR superior to HLF and does sell real things to people, and they are happy about them in china, where its growing the most. Id say STRONG BUY and hold forever. People will be trying to beat aging, ( especially in asia) long after were all dead and NUS will have split a few times by then and increased the divi 20 times most likely ( depending how old you are)

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    • What they saw was the worst management team in the sector and a total lack of response by the board of directors. When an analyst cites 'lack of clarity' or anything similar it means the CEO is doing nothing or does not know what to do. Hunt is in way over his head and has been padding his so called management team with friends and family for way too long and it has now caught up to him.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • totally disagree with you. Hunt has done a great job growing nuskin. The management team is also high quality and smart people. I like the products, and I like the nuskin system in china. After china, they will more quickly put a stop to over claiming what the products do and what being a nuskin distirbutor will do. China was the best thing long term that could happen to nuskin. HLF is a scary stock but personally I hope the pull through but NUS sells apple like quality and innovation in the anti aging for skin field and they are not going to die. They are a real company and IMO run very well. The problem is the market swings in stocks like this are hard to get used to unless you realize analysts do this type of thing regularly to make money. They can get away with it so they do it, it means nothing as far as nuskin earnings which are spectacular and will be for decades to come, UNLESS women start not caring about appearance..well then lets see how that plays out lol

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