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  • nubuzzman nubuzzman Mar 21, 2007 9:40 PM Flag


    The shorts have now lost substantially more money, this week, than the PIPE raised. I anticipate a red alert suicide watch if this rally lasts until Friday PM. at which time prkrbear, Teddy, pvnotes, teamrep, and all those creative poster/bashers MAY be history (in addition to the 4 million plus still sweating it out). How sweet it is!

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    • as of February the short interest was

      ParkerVision, Inc. - Common Stock 5,744,591

    • "The shorts have now lost substantially more money, this week, than the PIPE raised"

      Mathematically true, but on paper only: Even I, a die-hard long, am holding May 12.50 puts, which I bet I'll sell for a gain before they expire. If I see no continued upward swing in the morning, I'll sell my in-the-money calls.

      On the flip side, if I see a short squeeze setting up in the morning, I'll sell everything from GLD to IBM and buy all of the PRKR calls I can lay my hands on. What the heck, that's why I've been following this issue for the past four years.

      What an interesting, educational time to be watching and playing PRKR! I hope it moves tomorrow, and I actually don't much care in which direction it goes. Hats off to the longs today, though, that's for sure.

      Everything else aside, have you ever watched a short squeeze in action, live, on your Level II? It's amazing to see each new threshold break, then a new load of GTC sell orders trip as market sells and beat the PPS down, then the buying volume overwhelms the sellers again and it sets a new high, again, and again, and again. It's as if the market were a living, breathing monster, arduously crawling its way up a never-ending staircase, one increment at a time. I caught a good bit of that a while back with a squeeze on TZOO (a real dog of a company), and it was an amazing thing to watch and play. I bought and sold TZOO three or four times that day, each sale for a half-point win, all in the span of a couple of hours. God, I'd love to see that happen with PRKR!

      Ciao, all. Market opens in nine hours and seventeen minutes, and I'm betting a lot of us will be watching.

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