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  • roundermatt roundermatt Jun 4, 2007 2:16 PM Flag

    Awfully humid for this time of the year

    yeah, especially if you doubled your 3 million share short position trying to keep this puppy down ... on a day like today you're gonna break a sweat, because you don't know why PRKR is shooting up on volume - could it be that someone overheard eureka! from the ITT labs, as non-superhet, radio-based technology gets designed in to a cutting edge product? Who knows? Certainly not you, but if you're short 6 million shares it sure is humid baby!

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    • Remember how the stock ran on volume leading up to the ITT deal? And nobody knew why? I wonder...

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      • Yep, that's a risk for the shorts that we all understand and focus on ... but this technology will eventually prove itself in a lab, probably at ITT first, where it will be incorporated into a cutting-edge product for the first time. After that, contracts should flow. For those trying compare the current situation to D2D false starts like Symbol or purposely confuse the foundry agreements with a licensing deal like ITT, I would point out two things:

        1) Since Symbol, D2D has been successfully implemented (technologically, not financially) in an otherwise primitive first generation wifi card - the radio transmits and receives without being based on super-het technology, and taking into account the company's very very limited resources it worked great - probably a better "b" router and card than from any of their multibillion dollar competitors at the time.

        2) D2P should be a much simpler implementation and, whether or not there's another OEM soon, the market is likely to 'hear' more and more good things about Parker's fresh approach to radio as it's designed into a cutting edge products by a customer with vast technological and engineering resources.

      • AKA Mr_Starkwell & hi_lee_evolved-There is no deal and there will be no deal.

        Teddy, KGB in beautiful Palm Beach

      • I will pay 1000.00 via paypal to the first person who can tell me who he is...all relevent info. Nothing illegal please...but all his personal info. if you are a sleuth type...feel free to get this $$$ by exposing a liar and a stealth basher from the insmed board.

        any legal way

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