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  • tyus_edney tyus_edney Nov 6, 2007 3:13 PM Flag

    Will the upcoming deal be with a Tier 1?

    Did anyone else notice that Jeff Parker is no longer talking about "Tier 1" OEMs? In his old conference calls he used the phrase "Tier 1 OEM" about 30 times per call. Now he is just referring to "OEMS"- he did not use the phrase "Tier 1" once yesterday.

    Maybe I am reading too much into semantics, but I think he is preparing his ever gullible investor base for another deal like ITT. I predict that the big deal coming between now and the end of February 2008 will be with an obscure bit player in the cellular market. Someone easier to bamboozle into a press release and an exchange of a few hundred thousand dollars.

    So what do you expect- a deal with someone like Nokia, Samsung, Broadcom or RFMD? Or a deal with Hang Feng Super Terrific Lucky Phones? My money is on the latter. During the announcement Jeff Parker will talk about how you have to find a small, hungry player willing to innovate and how this first deal will break the logjam and spur the larger players into action.

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    • Sorry again, not me. I wouldn't misspell desperate.

    • brother of mine

      if you are going to try and pass yourself off as an adult rather than the preadolescent wannabe, at least try to use the appropriate vocabulary. You continually come off as a pimply faced lonesome little boy who is desparately trying for some recognition. BTW under no circumstances attempt to spend your monopoly money from your paper trades at any establishment. It will likely get you into trouble and mom and dad are tired dealing with you (as is your shrink).

      teddy_kqb_agent (not trublvr)

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    • good going. you are 0 for 2. You haven't made friends and you haven't made any real money, just the fantasy paper trading kind you have been famous for.

      BTW I am not trub. He has much more class than either you or I.

    • Why would i possibly give a damn about other shorts? As I said before, I am here to make money, not friends. You on the other hand are here to make friends because you are such a dispecable "IT", you have to meet them incognito.

    • ... are the best!!!!

    • >>>As an engineer who just started looking at this company, I think you would benefit tremendously from the technological debates of the past here.<<<

      I have no illusions that I would be able to prove or disprove the validity or competitiveness of PRKR's technology by reviewing either PRKR's publicly-released descriptions of it (which I have spent considerable time doing) or by reading the message board debates (which I've done enough of).

      My conclusion was that PRKR's ESP and D2D and D2P technologies were probably rendered obsolete over the past seven years or so by a series of RF and semiconductor innovations made by Qualcomm and others. But I can't be absolutely sure without doing what ITT did. But there is more than one way to determine the truth.

      If it were possible for anybody, even a large group of practicing RF semiconductor engineers, which I'm not, to validate PRKR's claims without going under the kimono, then at least one of the many potential natural buyers of PRKR such as Broadcom, TI, Qualcomm, and others would have long ago figured that out and would have acquired either a license or the whole company. That hasn't happened. And I really don't think it's "because PRKR isn't for sale." PRKR is on sale every day...

      I only have so much time to spend on one stock. I do rely on reflections in the marketplace in addition to my own analysis to determine whether a company is real or not. Real companies eventually generate profitable revenue. Imaginary companies sound like the tailor in The Emperor's New Clothes.'s_New_Clothes

      The Sin�ad O'Connor song of the same title also applies: "through their own words / they will be exposed / they've got a SOLID case of / the emperor's new clothes."

      We shall see the future soon enough. I don't think we will be hearing very much from PRKR about ITT anymore. ITT wouldn't tolerate, for long, having their name exploited that way. If an actual ongoing revenue stream from ITT is not touted in PRKR's next big press release that tell me that ITT has examined PRKR's technology, bitten into the burger, and found there's no beef in that burger.

      But let's not underestimate PRKR management. They are good. Perhaps the best I've ever seen at what they do!

      I have no doubt that PRKR is working right now on fabricating the next big press release that will create hope and vision in the minds of investors so they can sell more stock and keep the game going.

      My position is in place, a simple call-covered short, and I will just wait for the inevitable collapse. If it zigs, I'll zag, build the size of my bet, and lower the risk even more.

      Good luck to longs and shorts.


    • wifi product proved the technology worked and provided the the benefits Parkervision said it would. The CEO of CompUSA did a video for his stores saying the same thing.

      Before WIFI, d2d/ESP was little more than theory. Once proven they decided to go for a bigger market where they could partner with other technology leaders instead of becoming an OEM themselves in a low-margin business that many on this board felt had wasted their time getting into. I tend to agree with Mr. Parker though, that it was worth proving. I'm also not discouraged by two years, or more, to break into an industry that is the future of communication, entertainment and computing.

      you really should read those old threads. Not just my stuff. As an engineer who just started looking at this company, I think you would benefit tremendously from the technological debates of the past here.

    • >>>Jeff Parker is no longer talking about "Tier 1" OEMs<<<

      Great observation. Thanks. Semantic drift is a good way to see through the smokescreen and that's a great example of it.

      You may be right about an upcoming "deal" with Hang Feng Super Terrific Lucky Phones. PRKR has little pride. Take a look at this three-year old press release, where they made a big deal out of the fact that they convinced a non-Tier 1 retailer in Nebraska to carry their now-defunct Wi-Fi gear:

      "Nebraska Furniture Mart to Sell ParkerVision SignalMAX Wireless Networking Products
      11.08.04 - 9:13 am

      "JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 8, 2004--ParkerVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRKR), announced today that Nebraska Furniture Mart has joined the growing list of retailers nationwide selling ParkerVision's SignalMAX(TM) wireless networking products. SignalMAX(TM) products are compatible with all 802.11b/g networks and are guaranteed to improve distance and eliminate "dead-zones" even when used with other manufacturers' gear. SignalMAX(TM) notebook or desktop cards, when used in conjunction with SignalMAX(TM) routers, provide one-mile open field range and the Company guarantees that this combination will cover an entire home without the additional use or cost of repeaters, boosters, or special high-gain antennas. SignalMAX(TM) products are based on ParkerVision's proprietary Direct2Data(TM) (D2D(TM)) wireless RF technology."

      Here's the link, from PRKR's own website. Watch them de-link it soon....

      Not exactly CompUSA or BestBuy...Nebraska Furniture Mart....I wonder if they still have ParkerVision's products in stock from three years ago?


    • out of context ... people should not rely on this post - listen to the call

      • 1 Reply to roundermatt
      • If I'm wrong then we should all recognize their first cellular "design win" partner as being prominent in the industry. We will find out soon enough.

        I encourage everyone to listen to the call/read the transcript and compare it to the previous calls. He definitely dropped the reference to "Tier 1". It could mean nothing, but if (like me) you think PRKR's real goal is to make impressive-sounding announcements with no real substance so they can keep this decade plus Ponzi scheme going by raising money, it could be significant.

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