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  • tradestockss tradestockss Nov 9, 2007 4:26 PM Flag

    is this thing a buy??

    Wow. Any idea of what knocked PRKR? I don't see any press other than burning a whole bunch of moolah in the most recent Qtr. But heck they have been doing that for 7 years.

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    • PANL seems to still be struggling with blue, reporting only 9000 hours half life.

      Still, it's important to understand that they license a large number of OLED-related technologies to customers that are actually in production and are paying cash to PANL for their use of those technologies. Even if PANL can't deliver blue yet, other portions of their portfolio of OLED-related technologies are generating real revenue from real customers that are in production with early OLED products of various sizes. The OLED market is actually getting started, and I think one would be foolish to bet that PANL will collapse at this point. They will do much better if they fix the blue problem, but they will probably have growing revenues even without blue.

      Not all of PANL's products require three-color technology. General and specialty lighting using OLED technology are serious and potentially large markets with far different requirements versus display panels.

      I may or may not do more research on PANL, but my quick conclusion is that they will at worst hang in there for quite a while longer (i.e. trade sideways). If they make progress with blue or with other markets (lighting, etc.) they could have much greater success. They did say on their recent call that the revenue mix will shift more toward lighting next year.

      We'll see. For now I'm not getting involved either way.

    • You've rekindled my interest. I'm taking a look. They might have to try a completely different blue chemistry if they still haven't fixed the old one.

    • Yes, but it is the technical challenge which if not solved leaves them in the dust. The photochemistry in these small molecule OLEDs is a tough nut to crack when dealing with blue energies. Personally I am betting against them. Could be wrong, but I just don't see them making the jump.

    • >>> has PANL solved the blue lifetime problem yet? <<<

      I haven't been following PANL that closely. The durability of the blue chemistry was their big issue a few years ago. They are pretty open about their progress and challenges. No big "secret technology" issues there, just technical challenges.

    • has PANL solved the blue lifetime problem yet? Last I saw they didn't have sufficient lifetime for long term display function.

    • >>> panl is the real deal unlike prkr - be very careful if you short it <<<

      Agreed. PANL may look similar to PRKR in terms of numbers, but it is mainstream high-risk technology that making serious progress.

      PANL is very risky on a technology basis, and could crash if a competing company jumps way ahead in OLEDs, but if they get those OLEDs right, PANL could double overnight and never look back. Don't assume there's no substance at PANL... (disclosure, I am not involved in PANL one way or the other)


    • panl is the real deal unlike prkr - be very careful if you short it


    • 7 years???? - pshaw! - they have been doing that for more than 15 years and I am pretty sure - hold the record for the public company that has traded the longest without ever making a profit in any quarter , by a huge margin.

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